04 Scion Xb
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Toyota had a point to prove in 2004 when it unleashed the SCION brand on the world.  These vehicles were small, colorful and exciting to see.  The Scion Xb, also known as the X Box was the premiere model at that time.  This very square oddly designed vehicle got the attention of anyone who saw it.  There were so many options available if you wanted to add some pizzazz to its look.  Many people added different rims, lightning bolts, a wing on the back, etc.  This little jewel was the roomiest economical vehicle on the market.  A family of five could fit comfortably inside with great leg and head space.

There were a couple of issues with the vehicle.  First, the vehicle had a very slow take off.  With its little four cylinder engine; there was no room for cutting in front of others quickly or making quit turns.  Well, not true if you didn’t mind having an accident or two.  There was no arm rest for the driver, so your elbow just hung loose.  This model also did not offer side airbags; which gave it a poor rating for side impact from the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety.  Outside of that, the gas mileage was great at 35 miles per gallon and the car had a nice sound system.  I kept this vehicle for four years and loved everything about it.  In June 2007, Scion did it again and released the second generation Scion XB.

08 Scion Xb
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Going to the dealership to see the 2008 model; I promised myself I wouldn’t buy it.  Taking a look at the new model was my only goal.  When I sat down in it for the first time; the car was mine.  Everything that was a shortcoming in the 2004 model was upgraded in this model.  The sharp edges of the cars design were smoothed out and this was done without taking away its boxy shape.  There were safety bags throughout and the trunk space appeared much larger.  Ready to take it for a ride, I pulled out into traffic.  You can understand how impressed I was with it's take off.  This little baby was a pistol and it moved quickly and efficiently.  The Pioneer sound system was a great with its exceptional display feature.

The most outstanding feature to me about the Scion Xb was the release series.  These were the limited edition Xb’s that came in some pretty amazing colors.  My favorites were from 2008-2011 which included:

Scion XB Gold
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2008 Model-Gold Rush Mica

Absolutely Red
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2009 Model-Absolutely Red

Purple Scion XB
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2010 Model-Murasaki Purple

Voodoo Blue
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2011 Model-Voodoo Blue

The Scion Xb was Toyota’s answer to the younger generation of drivers but many of the old heads enjoy it as well.  These vehicles are great for driving around town or going on long road trips.  Next time you are looking for a new car, go try one on for size.  Even if you don’t buy it you will definitely be impressed.  Why do I love the Scion Xb?  The better question is; what's not to love?