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Even if you have tried to lose weight with Weight Watchers in the past, and not been successful, they have made some significant changes to their points program that could completely change the way you feel about the program. Weight Watchers has always stressed healthy ways to lose weight. However, I always had trouble staying within my points limit. This new program is dramatically different from their old plan; so, if you've gone to Weight Watchers in the past and stopped, you need to clear your mind and completely relearn their new points system. However, I assure you that it is worth the effort.

You can attend meetings in your area, go to their online site, or just buy their cookbooks and food online at sites like Amazon.  However you do it, as you'll see below, you will find that the newer programs are easier to follow than ever before. 

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Like many people who have tried to manage their diet over the years, I have tried virtually every weight loss program in existence ... and some that don't exist any more. I have used the Atkins Diet, South Beach Diet, NutriSystem, Jenny Craig, Pat Walker, and other, older versions of Weight Watchers Plans. I lost some body fat on all of them, but couldn't turn them into a complete lifestyle change. As a consequence, the fat would gradually return. The newer Weight Watchers plans seem to work better and are significantly different from the other diets.  With their easy diet tips, I have finally found something that is working for me. My husband, two of our grown daughters and some of my friends are also using the program. All of us have been losing about 1 – 2 lbs a week.

I have found it helpful to keep some of their special cook books on hand.  These cookbooks enable me to try new recipes and prepare fun meals without worrying that I will break my diet.  The most popular cookbooks can be purchased from Amazon. 

Since I rarely go to meetings anymore, I have found a great selection of  Weight Watcher cookbooks from Amazon.

How the Points Plus Plan is Different From the Old Points Program

If it has been a while since you have gone to a Weight Watchers meeting, you'll discover that the points have changed dramatically. The best thing you can do for yourself is throw out your old point calculator, and start over. In my personal experience, I discovered that I am now allowed fewer points than in the past. This would have discouraged me from the very beginning, except for a major change they have made. In the past, you used some of your points if you consumed fruit. Now, all fruits are "0" points! This has made a tremendous difference in my ability to stay on the diet. Now, my husband and I make regular trips to the farmer's market and load up on all the fruits we love, including bananas, pears, apples, tangerines, pineapple, berries, papaya and melons. We keep all this fruit on hand and whenever I feel hungry, I just help myself to a big serving of fruit. I am amazed by how much of a difference this one change has made in my ability to stick with the diet!

Buy the Products and Cookbooks Online

One nice feature of Weight Watchers in recent years is that you can by their cookbooks and some of their food products online.  This is a great time saver.   You can shop for the specialty foods you like from your home computer, and supplement them with fresh foods from your local grocery store.

While you don't have to ever buy Weight Watchers foods in order for the diet to work, if you occasionally want to try some of their snack foods or similar items and you don't go to their meetings, you can also buy Weight Watchers foods from Amazon.

Weight Watcher Online Weight Loss Website

Buying products is not the only thing you can now do online.  One of the problems I had in the past with Weight Watchers and other programs that required you to meet in a group or with a diet consultant was that I eventually grew tired of trying to work the classes or appointments into my busy schedule. I also didn't want to go if I knew I had had a difficult week, and gained weight. As a result, I eventually dropped out. Weight Watchers Online is one of the best weight loss websites I have found. Once you are registered, you will find a weight tracker, an activity tracker, and a PointsPlus Tracker online. The website also offers recipes, success stories, suggestions for healthy living and many other weight loss tools. There is also a special app for your mobile phone, which makes it really easy to keep track of what I eat, even when I am on the go. You can also use the app to look up the number of points in many foods commonly ordered at popular restaurant chains!  In addition, you can also purchase Weight Watchers food and booksat your local meeting, or buy these things online from

My daughters and I are all using the online site quite successfully. We call each other after our official "weigh-in" on Sundays, and share how well we did that week. My friends, however, all go to traditional meetings, and they have had successful weight loss, too.

Favorite Tips for Losing Weight with the Points Plus Plan

One of the best tips I have found for sticking with the Points Plus plan is to keep plenty of fruit and vegetables on hand. My husband and I enjoy adding sautéed onions, tomatoes and mushrooms to our scrambled eggs for a satisfying breakfast that only uses 2 points per egg. We also snack on raw vegetables, or add stir fried vegetables to some of our other meals. The new Points Plus plan is ideal both for people who eat meat, as well as for those who are looking for vegetarian weight loss plans, since the vast majority of vegetables are also "0" points.

As I mentioned before, we make sure we have a good selection of various fruits on hand. This enables us to have a sweet snack whenever we want, and I've discovered that I have lost my craving for most cookies and similar treats. When I do desire a dessert, I fill a bowl with sliced fruit and add ½ cup of sorbet or light ice cream, either of which is just 2 or 3 points. This makes a very low-point, high satisfaction dessert! We've found that fresh fruit is one of the best foods for weight loss because it is satisfying, high in fiber, and make you feel full.

We have also found that it is convenient to keep on hand a stock of the Progresso soups that have the number of points written on the front of the label. Then, when we realize that we have already consumed most of our points that day because of a generous breakfast or lunch, we can still have a healthy, nutritious and delicious dinner that doesn't require too many points. Progresso has a nice selection of soups that range from 0 – 2 points per serving.

Another low-point meal we have discovered is ½ cup of spaghetti sauce poured over cooked spaghetti squash. The sauce has 3 points, but the squash is "0" points. This is a very filling meal that uses very few points.

How to Handle Those High Calorie Splurges

Let's be honest. Anyone who has ever been on a diet knows that occasionally you will exceed the number of points that have been allotted to you for the day. Perhaps you are on a trip, or a friend has made your favorite meal, or you find yourself at a fabulous buffet. Whatever your downfall, the Points Plus program has taken these types of events into consideration, too. In addition to the number of points that you are allowed for the day, you also get a bonus number of weekly points. These are points you can dip into if you splurge once or twice a week. Even when you use these points, you will discover that you will still lose weight. Now, you can enjoy an occasional special event, without feeling guilty or as if you have ruined all your hard work. Weight Watchers has thought of everything!

Based on my experience, and the experience of my family and friends, I would highly recommend the Points Plus weight loss plan to anyone who is trying to lose weight ... even if you have tried all the diet plans before, and believe that nothing will work for you!

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