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I’ve always been a strong believer in working for yourself.  As a writer, you might spend a lot of time writing content for other people but when was the last time you wrote content that could earn YOU money?  There are many ways of doing this but one of my favorite ways to work for myself is by writing articles.  I don’t always have a lot of time to write an ebook or keep up with a blog but I can take half an hour to write an article.  And in case you had not already figured it out, Info Barrel is one of my favorite places to write articles.


What is Info Barrel?

Info Barrel is an article marketing site.  You can publish articles there on almost any topic (there are some restrictions so please make sure you read the TOS before you get going) and they will get indexed by the search engines.  You can leave links to your sites to get some backlink juice and you can earn money on your articles through Adsense or Amazon.  In fact, this is one of the few places where you can leave affiliate links in your articles.  You can leave a link to a specific Amazon product or an affiliate link to other products that you are an affiliate of.  This is one of the best reasons to write there.


The Forum

My biggest reason for having Info Barrel on my pinned tabs is the forum.  It is one of the best I’ve ever been in.  Not so much for the format but for the people!  I’ve never seen a forum so filled with people that are ready to help new people with their questions.  They are patient and kind and there is so much information in there about article marketing.  And other topics get discussed at times, too, like niche blogging and stuff like that.  I’ve learned a lot there.

The Blog

The Info Barrel blog is mostly used to make announcements about things that are going on at the site, but sometimes they have Success Stories that are bound to inspire you. There are a lot of people at Info Barrel that are having really good success online. And they are more than happy to share what they are doing.



If you’re interested in mostly working for yourself as a writer, you will likely explore many options – and you should. You never know when one thing is going to disappear.  Most of you may remember what happened to people when eHow closed its program for writers.  Lots of people lost money.  But if you spread it around you’ll never completely lose out.  While you’re spreading it around, make sure you include Info Barrel in your plan.  There’s money to be made there.

Oh, and if what I have told you isn’t enough, you should know that InfoBarrel is one of the article marketing sites that has been least affected by the Panda updates?  In fact, most people there are hardly noticing the difference!

I love writing for Info Barrel and it is one of the article sites that I will continue to write at for some time.