In our culture today, most people will say that they prefer to listen to their Ipod. Many people own an Ipod this day and age. In my opinion, Ipods are cool, but nothing can compare to the classic sound of a record. I remember growing up, my mom had a turntable, and we would be listening to Micheal Jackson on the turntable. That was just the way things were. When all of that was phased out by the 90s, I was kind of disappointed. As I grew older, I began to appreciate the classic vintage sound of a record. I obtained a record player and began collecting records. My mom stumbled upon some of her old records in the attic and she donated them to me.

record player

Records are not only a part of our historical heritage, it is a way to become more involved in your music experience. I can spend half a day DJing myself to sleep as I lay on the floor listening to record after record. The nostalgia and specialty of records is something people should respect. While the younger generations seem to think that records are dead like 8-tracks, the victrola was the first way that anyone was able to listen to music, therefore, it should be respected. So many years ago, that is how people were listening to it. The historical backgrouns makes it a worthlwhile hobby.

Another thing about records is that the sound is so authentic. While many people nowadays prefer a clear, crisp sound, the truth of it is, clear and crisp is not how the music really sounds in real life. Think about when you see one of your favorite artists in concert for the first time, they may sound a little different than you expected. Record players have a unique sound that cannot be replicated. The scratchy, yet suddenly melodic sound of the record is comforting. Not only this, but also, many people claim that records are able to pick up the very high pitches of instruments that you would not be able to hear on a CD or MP3. The record is clearly an ultra-sensitive and interesting technology.

Even though generations of people have taken this historical advancement for granted, there has been a recent popularity in record collecting in recent years. Lots of new artists are getting their albums put on records as well as marketing techniques. And believe me, it is always interesting to hear a modern band on record-- although the more classic and vintage records sound better, in my opinion. The point being that instead of taking this technology for granted, we should embrace it, and begin to appreciate what the music industry has done for us thus far, and what they will hold for us in the years to come.