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Why I Support The Tea Parties

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John Fitzgerald Kennedy On Lower Taxes
Credit: https://www.facebook.com/heritagefoundation

The US Media DECEIVED Americans About Tea Parties

In the US mass media, if there is anything being attacked more than our first, second, fourth, and tenth amendment rights granted not by the Bill of Rights, but rather, affirmed by them; then that thing is anyone or any and everything "tea party."  The United States mass media corporations only exist to keep the United States citizens divided so as to weaken the US economy and social structure for a new world order.  As for myself, I'm not involved in any sort of political party in any way at all.  I'm kinda like Groucho Marx, I'd probably not want much to do with any group that would have me.  The thing is, the tea parties are very much maligned, but people only believe tea parties are some sort of weirdo ultra right wing racist groups because the well dressed man and woman on television told them to think that.

Oh sure, I'm full of it?  Let me tell you something.  If the Richard Dawkins Foundation was the same size as the Roman Catholic Church, the Richard Dawkins Foundation would have just as many, and possibly more pedophiles within it as the RCC does.  So the tea parties have a few racists involved in it all, so what?  Can you tell me, please, what organization doesn't have racists involved within it?  There are none.  Mass media using all manner of deception to defame, belittle, and harass good things is nothing new, it is their entire mission.

If there is a better way to study the arts of deception than to study American mass media and American politics, then I don't know what the superior ways would be.  Oh all of these political parties and tea parties absolutely exist as organizations, but in truth, a person can only be of one of two persuasions, and those are 1. authoritarian, and 2. libertarian.

Credit: http://theblacksphere.net/2013/03/what-is-statism/

What is Statism? What is Authoritarianism?

Simply put, statism and authoritarianism are the beliefs that rich white or Jewish men in either banks or corporations know what is best for you.  No, it doesn't matter how intelligent you are, if you are a statist authoritarian, you basically have decided that you do not know what is best for you, that only rich white or Jewish men know what is best for you.  You've decided you are a LESSER mind, and a LESSER person and of LESSER value than super rich white or Jewish men.  That is what statist authoritarianism is, and the absolute truth is that both the republican and democratic parties of the USA are statist authoritarian parties ran by super wealthy white or Jewish men.

The only other choice is to be a Libertarian.  A libertarian would never support the notion that YOU are a lesser being than is he or she.  It is really just that simple, and these are NOT my opinions, these are things you can only wiggle around due to biases concerning your statist authoritarian political party of choice, or your bias about what Libertarianism is, provided to you by the rich white and Jewish men that own the only six corporations that provide any mass media in the USA that you ever hear or read.

My friends, it all comes down to fear, so long as the mass media sells you fear, you will be a slave to that fear, and thus, a slave to the rich men, be they white or Jewish, who own the very corporations in mass media that sell that fear, or the banks and other corporations that can only profit due to your fear, and your consent that they somehow or another DESERVE authority over you and your life.

Libertarianism Is NOT Believing in Authority, It is Believing In The Self

Stop Believing In Authority.

The Internal Revenue Service...IRS Taxes Are ANYTHING But Voluntary, And What They're Spent Towards Is Very Often Immoral

Captains of Orwellian doublespeak[1], the IRS is a completely anti-human organization that is armed and dangerous[2], and mostly exists to fund global war for bankers and corporate CEO's.  If you don't think so, then you've clearly not seen how much of your federal taxes go towards military spending[3], and you don't much understand how the wealthy always only want more wealth and more control.  Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us all about the never ending thirst for profit and control the stockholders and employees of the military industrial complex had[4], and today's IRS merely serves their wishes for blood, control, and profits.  While it is true one of the ONLY legitimate functions of government is the protection of the governed, the US military is hardly providing for our protection, but rather, and at present, is providing the looting of mineral wealth in Afghanistan towards the benefit of anyone but the American citizen.

I'm sick of the US military being used to acquire wealth from far away lands for the benefit of the very few wealthiest persons on Earth, but this is hardly the only horrific thing done with our federal income taxes.  It's no joke that the war on drugs is only a war against US citizens, and that drug prohibition has been a domestic disaster in every possible way, and for every possible person; except, of course, the persons with careers in ludicrous federal agencies enforcing the prohibition, and the persons investing in the immoral prison industrial complex.

Spending More On Prisons Than Schools

The State Doesn't Support Humanity, It Wars Against It

What sort of person is it who believes another human being has the authority to tell he or she what sort of things they can do with their own body?  I'll tell you what sort, a very low intelligence sort.  There is not a solitary man or woman on this planet Earth who has the authority to tell me what I can or can not ingest into my system.  The "war on drugs" is the single most absurd thing on the planet.  It is even more absurd than the "war on terrorism."

Of course only a truly dumb public could ever accept the notion of funding wars against things that have such shifty definitions, and under a government that is the world's captain of both international terrorism, and international drug sales and drug creation.  It is probably true that the most of the tea party folk are folks that are dumb enough to support either of the two absurdities, the war against the American people called the "war on drugs," and the international terrorism effort known as the "war on terror."  I do not dispute those things at all; but the facts of the matter are our federal taxes pay for those things, and were we all taxed less, there would be less of both of the hideous duplicitous moronic wars.

As for myself, if I can not make whatever the minimum amount is to get taxed on the federal level, then all the more happier I shall be for having ZERO culpability in the funding of what is fast becoming a government more wicked than any that has ever existed before it.  I'd rather be a poor man, than a man with a conscious weighed down by the knowledge that I "voluntarily" funded immoral murderous was against not just persons far away, but against my own countrymen, and all by paying taxes into the Internal Revenue Service.  

Anarchy - The Greatest Literary Mind Of The Past 100 Years Supports It

J.R.R. Tolkien And Anarchy


Jul 25, 2013 9:17pm
Todd, I see I score more points commenting on your posts than posting my own, because the big majority are rejected... So I have to thank you for the opportunities...

First and foremost, you have to understand that American Media was not created to inform the public, it was created to sell advertising. Actually most of the times, when there are not news, and there are times when there are not news worth mentioning, the American Media has to make news to sell advertising space...

That being said, I think that you are wrong about the Tea Party though. I don't think that the media is deceiving the public about them, they are doing a very good job at deceiving themselves. Their members, actually the visible members that speak a lot, speak stupid and they give the party a bad name.

I am not into politics. I love to talk about politics and to try analysis of all sorts, not because I am really interested in the topic, but it seems that people would get engaged...

Yes, I have my preferences in politics, but I never try to participate, more than generating discussions, because politicians are a chapter to the oldest profession in the world: whoring... You see, I don't mind prostitutes, as long as they try to make a living, not in politics.

However, we live in a very interesting world. The mess our country is in right now, I don't think is caused by the differences between the two major parties, but by the existence of the Tea Party in the Republican establishment. For the life of me, I can't understand why didn't they start their own party and had to get mixed with the Republicans, to drag them down...

As you know I live in Michigan, which is under the Republican majority, the houses and the governor. We have a lot of differences of opinions in the legislator, and what is strange is not tht the Democrats are fighting the Republicans, but Republicans are sabotaged by their Tea Party membership...

The governor is a Republican. God bless him, he is a total idiot. Not because he is a Republican, but he is an accountant by education.. Accounts are very good at what they are trained to do, count beans, but terrible when they get into management, and politics.
He had some good ideas, that I understood, although I did not understand how he could agree with them, but for whatever reasons he did. Every singe one of them was sabotaged he his Tea Party colleagues. When you have Democrats supporting Republicans, something is not right... When you have Republicans supporting Democrats, things are getting even worse. But when you have Tea Parties fighting, and winning against Republicans, something is really hilarious. And I am sorry to say it, but the press is right about the Tea Party. They are totally out of sink with almost everyone in this country, and they never want to learn. Thy have old outdated principles, which have been proven over and over wrong, but they refuse to understand what is going on.

On the average, their supporters are good people, unfortunately uneducated and easily influenced by demagogy.

The funniest thing is happening in Michigan right now. The Tea Party makes so much about state sovereignty within the Union. Yet, now that they are having problems with Detroit, they rushed to Federal Bankruptcy, although the state Constitution they so much love, prohibits this set of creditors from being restructured by bankruptcy proceedings.

Now, I don't really care own way or the other, but you can't scream from the top of your lungs that you believe in state sovereignty when it suits you, and run for Federal help, a total no-no when your interest in a matter are favoring the Feds help...

Our Tea Party people, created a constitutional issue in Michigan, which will end up on the Supreme Court steps, and they will have to decide on thorny issue, when is the Federal Law going to trump the state law?

Now, had we have not the Tea Party fellows involved in this, the issue would have been hanging untested...

The media guys are a bunch of shameless opportunists, and in the case of Tea Party, they found a gold mine, as they found one on the SextWeiner case in NY mayoral race now...
Jul 26, 2013 9:43am
And I must thank YOU! Half the time I publish something here, nobody comments it at all. I do know this is really my fault, and because I don't do enough socializing here myself.

It's a real bonus to have someone like yourself who you've known for a few years now in a place like this.

I wish Mitt Romney had won the President's place. It's plain that George Soros is Obama's biggest funder and supporter, and also an adviser of his. He's also an international criminal who has felony warrants in several nations, and he's stated plainly that destroying the USA is his life's goal. England had taken him in, and he destroyed their economy for his own pleasure too. He's an awful man, and I actually hope he passes away very soon.

Of course Soros has done a good deed or two; no one is entirely evil, such a thing is virtually impossible.

Detroit is in ruins. It's funny seeing the links on Facebook. Of course the morons who claim a party of the two party sort blame each the other. It's kind of hilarious in a way.

Oh that Weiner fella is a true clown..."Carlos Danger." Oh man....hey, he'd be a better mayor than Bloomberg. How could anyone be a worse mayor than Bloomberg?
Jul 26, 2013 7:43pm
I don't know. I have seen a few good articles here, however I am not sure that this place is really into interacting. I have the feeling that here, everyone likes to do a lot of writing, but not too many like to comment. I commented on some posts, but I did not spent too much time here either. On Hub Pages, at least there is more interaction, and the comments are coming in easier.

I guess that each place has its charms...

Detroit is a shame, however, something very interesting is coming up to life. Mismanagement was part of its problems. Another part, which may be as bad, and even worse is that beginning with the sixties, a lot of city dwellers moved to the suburbs and the city lost a lot of its tax base. It went over forty years from two million people to seven hundred thousands in two thousand and ten.

I never had a real feeling for ghost towns until I walked the streets in Detroit. There are long block with one or two inhabited houses, the rest are either burnt down, or abandoned. You go on a half a mile street, with at most five houses with people in them.

And it turned out that besides the tax basis which was depleted, the city had problems collecting the taxes from those who wanted to pay...

It is a good inspiration for those promoting no taxes... If you don't pay taxes, you don't get street lights, you don't get the garbage collected and you don't get police protection. In some area, I noticed businesses hired private guards who are patrolling the premises with guns and big badges, they are not public servants... They are privately hire...

The Feds offered money for cleaning the town. They wanted to offer so many thousands per house to be leveled off. The governor wanted to get the money and t get the job done, his party guys fought him tooth and nail, and they did not get the money.

It is going to be interesting. Detroit is a very nice city though, with a lot of Art Deco architecture. That was the place with money in the thirties...

Bloomberg is a clown too, but he has money and he is not ashamed to spend it. In this country when we see money, we do anything...
Jul 27, 2013 5:08am
Well Crin you said the tax base LEFT the city. You can hardly expect a city with no tax base to have what it had before the people with money left for greener pastures.

I'm sure the persons who moved to the suburbs have street lights and roads, and whatever else they need. I'm also sure that a for profit company could provide that stuff better than could some government entity. I worked many years for the schools in Dallas. I know what wasted tax dollars are, I used to waste people's taxes all day long every day.
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