I want to go on yacht vacations continually, and have wanted to ever since I can remember. I used to gaze longingly at the sleek white yachts (and even at the shabby, yellow ones) moored up at whatever port I happened to be at at the time. Given half the chance, I probably would still today, but I'm not anywhere near a boat so it's impossible to tell. Maybe that's why I still have this constant and deep seated urge to go on yacht vacations, and here's why:

Reason 1 to go on yacht vacations – the peace and quiet of it all

Humour me for a second – close your eyes and picture yourself waking up on a yacht in the morning to the sound of the water sloshing gently at the hull. You rouse yourself with a great big smile on your face and realize you have another hectic day of doing whatever you please in front of you. You'll have no interruptions at all – unless you want them that is, and you can go wherever you please. Nice. You are truly the ruler of your own little part of the world.

Reason 2 to go on yacht vacations – no better way to travel

It's not that hard to learn to navigate a yacht – basically, if you can drive a car, you can drive a boat. There are some niggling rules about licenses and things like that in all countries (that I know of anyway) so find out the requirements before you go sailing off into the sunset. But I'm sure that if you're hiring a charter yacht the owner of the vessel will find out exactly what sort of experience the person he's handing over his wonderful boat has. I would – there's no way I'd hand over my Porsche to someone who didn't have a license after all – same principle right?


The ultimate reason to go on yacht vacations

It gives you an insight into a whole new way of life, a sneak peek into a world which revolves around nature. You're attuned to the ocean you float on, the wind and weather which you depend on for everything. You'll gather the rays of the sun and the force of the wind for power generation and be on the lookout for storms and winds which can batter you with rain, or push you gently to your next port. Either way you're at one with your surroundings, and have the opportunity to let all the modern world behind. That may be a little scary for some, but it's heaven to me. You will really have the best opportunity to get to know not only yourself, but also your travelling companions.

Going on yacht vacations can be not only great fun and a fantastic way to holiday, but also a great way to build the relationship between family and friends as you work together to get a yacht wherever you want to get it to, and enjoy the world while you're on it. It's heaven – enjoy yacht vacations, you'll never look back!