Tide has been my favorite laundry detergent for years.

 Ever since my laundromat days when I was packing the washers as full as I could get them to save as many quarters as possible I’ve stuck with Tide as much as possible. During those it was the only detergent that could get my laundry smelling clean in my cheap apartment washers without using half a bottle of detergent, so I found it to be incredibly cost effective.

Now that I have my own house and a little boy who requires a load of laundry almost every day I *still* use Tide, and I was so excited when I heard that the Tide Pods were coming out. I have tried individually packed detergent loads before and they’ve always required at least two packs for a large load and left streaks and clumps of detergent in my laundry. I used to think it was my inefficient top loading washer, but when Tide decided to come out with their version of the individual pacs I knew I’d have to give it another try.

The packaging on the Tide Pods that I picked up said that they dissolved in hot or cold water and that they could handle any size of load. (They did note that if a large load was heavily soiled then you might want to use two.)

My first package of Tide Pods(89387)

So I loaded a large load of dirty towels into my washing machine, dropped a Pod pac in and set it on cold.

It worked.

It really really worked.

My bottle of Tide detergent had never done as beautiful of a job as the Pods did. My towels were notably brighter when I pulled them out of the washer and they smelled gorgeous! I was so excited to see how they’d smell and look coming out of the dryer and I wasn’t disappointed there either!

But my favorite part about Tide Pods? They save me money.

Yes. Really. They do.

Instead of buying a color safe bleach and a bottle of stain remover to go with my Tide detergent I now only have to buy the Pods. On top of that, the load count on the packaging is actually referring to large loads, while most detergents give a count that only washes small loads. That means that my Pods count is worth twice the count on my bottle of liquid detergent!

My Video Review of Tide Pods