The InfoBarrel community is enthusiastic, determined and talented. Each member of the InfoBarrel community (intends to) write top-notch articles regularly and often. But what compels us to put in such effort and diligence? In short, why write articles for InfoBarrel? One may immediately postulate that we do it almost exclusively for the money. Sure, the article writers may enjoy writing, improving their skills and interacting in the online community, but money is the prime motive, right? Certainly not, at least for me. Writing for InfoBarrel has deeply rewarding, albeit more hidden and certainly non-monetary, benefits. In this article I would like to discuss the hidden rewards in writing articles online.

The number one reason that I write, and I presume this is true for many InfoBarrelers, is because it is an enjoyable way to spend my free time. I would even dare to call it a recreational activity. Yes, I do it for fun. This is contrary to the prevailing thoughts of society. When society thinks of free time and leisure, the television, movies and video f="/Games">games may strike their fancy. Or, if one feels like actually using a few neurons, one may perhaps watch snippets of the 24-hour news cycle, read boring e-mails, or any other of the countless trivial activities that are so popular nowadays. But with InfoBarrel, my free-time is filled with an engaging and rewarding past time. I can attest that writing is more productive, fun and rewarding than simply watching television, reading emails, playing video games, or whatever other mundane activities out there.

When I am writing an article, I often experience what psychologist Mihály Csíkszentmihályi calls Flow. This is synonymous with being in the zone, in the groove, on the ball, and so on. I lose track of time. In fact, I lose track, or forget/disregard, everything except for writing the article. All of my mental faculties are invested in the present activity, writing. You may have an idea of what I am speaking of. If not, you try to experience it. Runners often experience it when they get the "running high". As stated on Wikipedia, "The hallmark of flow is a feeling of spontaneous joy, even rapture, while performing a task." To reach a state of flow, one needs to be challenged, yet still have enough skills to perform the task. Put another way, one needs to be adequately competent, yet still challenged. One can reach a state of flow in many activities, not just writing. It is very common in sports, chess, gaming, religion, reading and especially at work. The opposite of flow is apathy, while boredom and relaxation are also antonyms. One should always strive to reach flow in life, regardless of the activity. For me, I reach it through writing, as well as listening to music and reading. I will be writing more about flow in future articles.

Another reason I write for InfoBarrel is for the sake of learning. Before publishing an article, one must be sufficiently informed of the topic. This means learning as much as possible about that certain topic, a process that very rewarding. I have often written about topics that beforehand I knew almost nothing about. By writing the article, I went from being ignorant of the topic to well-informed. In addition, reading the articles of other InfoBarrelers is educational.

More generally, writing articles is very helpful in improving one's writing skills. As the old adage goes, "practice makes perfect". By writing articles on InfoBarrel, there is plenty of practice going on. Although perfect will never be achieved, there will be plenty of achievements and improvements.

The community of InfoBarrel is one of its greatest assets. If you become a member of InfoBarrel (or if you are already), you will find (or have found), the community to be welcoming, supportive and fun. Test out the forums, send a few friend requests, comment on other's articles. It is great to get involved with this spectacular online community.

I have discussed many reasons why I write for Infobarrel. You may still be wondering about the money. Isn't that why people are flocking to this website? Yes. But I hope you will find, as I do, that the money is secondary. There is truly so much more to this website than AdSense earnings. Trust me on this. Write for the right reasons, and the money will flow in.

If you're an InfoBarrel writer and you are reading this, I'd love for you to share your reasons on why you write. I hope for a good discussion in the comment section.