I have been working in a cubicle for most of the last decade. The work involves a lot of sitting at a desk, working on a computer. I don't think I am much different than millions of other Americans, who work long hours in a sedentary position. After staring at my computer all day, and dealing with the job related stress I find myself skipping the gym more often, than not. When I do make a habit of going to the gym, I get depressed after several months of going three to four days a week and not making progress on losing weight. I end up usually quitting for several months until I decide to start another diet, and then start visiting the gym again, only to find myself not losing weight.

Now that I'm in my 30s, the sedentary lifestyle is starting to really catch up with me. I've been doing some research, and have decided that the best way for me to lose weight and to keep it off and improve my energy throughout the day is to work at a standing desk. There have been recent studies that sitting all day can have harmful effects. Even for the people with a very active lifestyle. Standing up, takes more work for your body and increases your metabolic activity. To take the standing desk one step further, is the treadmill desk. This combines a standing desk with a treadmill that you operate at very low speeds throughout the day. The speed is actually slow enough that you can work on the desk surface as though you were sitting. Walking even at a slow pace is a boon for burning calories. You can burn approximately 100 to 150 calories per hour even walking at sub one-mile per hour.

When treadmill desks were first introduced, they were very pricey. Some of them still are. There have been some innovative designers online who have built a treadmill desks with simple supplies like particle board, and Styrofoam insulation.   I am not as resourceful, so I will be looking at some of the lower end commercial models that have been tested for my first treadmill desk. 

My plan, is to try it at home in my home office whilst working on homework and on Infobarrel articles until I get comfortable using it for eight hours at a time. Then I intend to move it to my office. I know I will get questions on it, but for me that will motivate me more. I don't like to admit failure, so if I can move it to my office I will use it. I am extremely excited by the idea! I have been battling with being overweight for the last five years or more. Right now, I am very motivated to lose the weight, and to feel more energetic and productive throughout the workday. I think that by multitasking, getting healthier and being more productive will be a boon for me and my employer. It may sound absurd, but I really think you should do your research on using a treadmill desk! I will update this post when I get a new  treadmill desk set up, and I’ve evaluated it. I should be able to purchase it within two months and I'll update this article with my thoughts and progress. To be continued...