Elderly people who suffer from arthritis often look for practical treatments that will help relieve some to the pain and stiffness associated with their condition. My mother was looking for some type of treatment when I came across a great innovation called arthritis gloves.

In this article I share my top 6 reasons why I bought my elderly mother several pairs of arthritis gloves.

Keeps Her Active

Mom likes to garden and do needlework. With her arthritis this was becoming increasingly difficult. The arthritis gloves provide increased mobility and dexterity for her fingers which allows her to enjoy her favorite activities.

Reduces Stigma of disease

Arthritis can be disfiguring. In Mom it had started to cause notable finger joint damage, but her arthritis glove covers up her knuckles and has a flesh type color. It looks more like a bandage wrap and it makes her feel better about wearing it. As you know especially for ladies it is very important that they look a certain way.

Reduces Her Pain

The arthritis gloves provide a slight compression for Mom's hands. This reduces swelling and the accompanying pain. The gloves also work well when she applies arthritis crème or balm. The cream stays on longer and gets a chance to absorb into the hand.

Prevent Infections

The protective covering on the gloves aids in preventing infections by forming a barrier to any skin openings from the environment. This is always a frequent concern of elderly because they may not have as strong an immune system as when they were younger.

Low Cost Disability Aid

Arthritis gloves are reasonably priced from $20 to $50 a pair depending on the style and features desired. They can be found in a variety of drugstores, department stores, and medical supply stores. Mom has several different gloves for different activities and for different occasions. Arthritis gloves are really a low cost disability aid.

To Make Her Smile

Look, people need to know someone cares. She knows we care because we sought out to help find a treatment that would ease her pain. That makes both of us smile.

Well there you have my top 6 reasons for buying arthritis gloves for my elderly Mother. She is very special to me and this is my small way of showing it to her.