Choosing Info Barrel as my main job was a long and hard decision. I have spent days and days online trying to figure out what would be the best online money making business. As a lot of you know the Internet is filled with many scams and people waiting to take you money. I have tried selling t0shirt and had way to many orders to keep up with. My second idea was to blog about making money, but with now experience I was talking into the wind. My final straw was trying to make Commission Junction to work. I created a free website and sold one item for a profit of 23.00. With continued research and great support at the home front I have succeed in finding my 40-hour a week job at Info Barrel.

Bellow will be the reasons I have joined Info Barrel and why I am treating it as my 40 hour a week job now. Also I have set a list of goals that will help me stay on track and measuring my production. I hope that this article will intrigue many more future Info Barrelers to take a chance and go for it. A lot of people are looking for the over night success as was I. There is No Over Night Success unless you created an I phone app or such.

Tops reasons why I joined Info Barrel

The ease to work for home.

Not having to leave every morning and leaving you family at home is one of the biggest catches here at Info Barrel. I am so happy that I can stay at home and be able to write my articles at my own pace. My daughter is able to toddle over and say hello whenever she wants.

Setting Your Own Schedule.

I am able to wake up and start writing about what I want m when I want to. You don't have demands (well kinds) to push out a certain amount of articles. If you choose not to work that day you are doing no one harm. You will be able to go out with family during trips and not have to worry about getting fired.

Chances to learn about new topics.

Having the opportunity to learn about new topics has always peeled my interest. My mind is full of useless information that has been collected over time. It feels nice to be able to let go of the information and make money while I am at it. A lot of people once they leave school decide they will not learn any more because they don't have to. Sitting in front of a tv all day does not make you money.

The chance to make money forever, while doing nothing later.

The thought of having not to work in the future is the biggest reason I have chosen Info Barrel. When I turn 40 my children will be old enough to go to college, and I will be living off of my residual passive income from the many years of working online. People do not understand that it takes time and hard work to fulfill the dream I am holding on to. As long that Info Barrel is still running I will get paid.

The Info Barrel Forum and members.

Once you have joined the family of IB, you will soon venture into the Forum. The info barrel forum is filled with a lot of helpful information that will kick start you careers hear. Being able to not be afraid to ask mundane questions and having them answered every time is a plus. Members using the forum use the same rules like no swearing and being polite. Spam has no chance to survive in the forum, so when you look for a certain topic you will find it with no problem..

Info Barrel is in its Start Up stages.

Info Barrel is in the start up stages of websites. Start up means if you can get in and garner a certain niche or be able to produce articles you will be successful. Info Barrel will soon be bigger then e-how and hub pages. The company currently employs three people to make sure the content is proper and well written. You have the feeling of a family, and that's how work should be.

My goals for Info Barrel

As many of you have known I have stated that my goal would be 2000 articles by July. I have grown up Info Barrel style and have change my goals. The goals are easier to obtain and well thought out. The goals include but not limited to:

  1. Write 20 articles a month. This will be a minimum to see if I am currently slacking or not. If I have proper working conditions it is easy to do an article an hour with research.
  2. Write about each and every subject Info Barrel has to offer. I want to understand every subject Info Barrel is doing and be able to capture that niche.
  3. Create 10 blogs that will be about Individual topics from Info Barrel. With these Blogs I will back Link every on of my articles for that subject.
  4. When I have made any money I would like to purchase and create 10 websites for the topics I have wrote about. I would start selling Items from Amazon, CashCrate, Or Commission Junctions on the sites.
  5. Finish and publish my ebook. I will be writing an ebook that shows how you can maximize your yield from Info Barrel, and how to mix up different affiliate links to make money.
  6. Finish and publish my self-help series while using my earning to sponsor people to begin their career with online earnings.

I am trying to keep all of my goals down to earth so I can easily obtain them. I will keep track of all my progress via my Information on my Info Barrel profile. Hopefully with this information even you will succeed in what you put your mind to.

Please remember that nothing comes easy. You will need to struggle first to reap the reward later. If I have any troubles with the website I know my friends are only a forum away.

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