Why I hate ironing

I really hate ironing...really really hate it.  Here are my top five reasons for hating ironing and my top five hints for avoiding it

Why I hate ironing

I'm not very good at it
Friends tell me that they get a real sense of satisfaction in ironing. I just don't get it. I look at my pile of ironed clothes and think "that will do".

Is it worth the effort?
I accept some things do need ironing but using a few " ironing evasion techniques", I am sure most of my clothes look just as good and those that have been ironed

There is always something better to do
You may not have an exciting life but I bet you have a busy life – work to go to, kids to looks after, the rest of the house to clean etc? I don't have an awful lot of free time and when it comes to house work, there is always that seems more important than ironing.

All the effort is destroyed in a few minutes
Whenever my family put on clothes that I've ironed, they are rolling around play fighting or tickling each other within about five minutes so what's the point? I'm not going to say to my family, don't have fun in case your clothes get creased!

It is never ending!
I very rarely have no clothes waiting to be ironed! I do a pile and think "thank goodness for that!" Within a couple of days, it all seems to be back in the pile taunting me!!


How I avoid ironing

So now I've explained why I hate it, what are my favourite tips for having to avoid ironing?

Fold clothes directly out of the dryer
If I leave a clean load of clothes lying on the couch or in the hamper for a day or two, when I come back, they are ridiculously wrinkled.   Fold them as soon as the dryer is finished.

Use a wrinkle-releaser product
There are a few wrinkle-releaser products on the market. The product works by lightly misting the clothes, which relaxes the fibers.

Hang clothes rather than folding them in a drawer
Clothes get shuffled around in a drawer.  If you have the space, hang as much as you can.

Don’t put too much in the washing machine
If clothes don’t have enough room in the washing machine to move around freely, they will inevitably come out more wrinkly.

What are your top tips for avoiding becoming a slave to the iron?