I've written on the popular website ehow for over a year. Ehow however closed their writing compensation on April 2010, and handed it over to Demand Studios. You can still write for ehow, expect you must write through Demand Studios and their writing format. The entire writing process has changed. Writers work with editors over the content they produce for ehow and other writing sites that Demand Studios controls. So after ehow closed the door, I was already a contributing writer for Info Barrel. I was already happy writing for Info Barrel, so I didn't see any need to continue writing for ehow through Demand Studios. I started to like Info Barrel better than ehow, and didn't feel the need to write for a water down version of ehow. Meaning less freedom and more control through the use of Demand Studios.

There are numerous of reasons why I like Info Barrel better than ehow. When looking for good freelance writing sites online, the first thing I think that's important to look for is the integrity of the place. Forget about money, forget about writing formats, and page authority. Well, don't forget about those things, but first look at the integrity of the site. Ehow had great page authority, high earnings, and a pretty good writing format. What it didn't have was good management and staff. That made the experience a tremendous nightmare majority of the time. When you can't rely on the staff, you can't rely or predict what will happen with the site. Writing sites can close anytime and leave you high and dry. Case in point ehow closing the door on their writing compensation program. This was after a community manager informed members this would not happen. The staff couldn't be relied on to look out for their writers. They weren't upfront, honest, loyal, or reliable to the community of writers that worked hard to help make ehow a powerhouse.

Depending on the staff to improve a website is needed for long-term success. Good management makes for good business for everyone involved. Does the staff have the smarts, ambition, and creativity to make the site grow into one of the best possible places for writers online? Will the website make you lots of money and continue to diversify its methods for better success? A good staff needs to respond to community problems, and take care of those who put a lot of hard work and sweat into the site. A good site listens to their writers and takes in suggestions on how they can improve. These are some of many reasons why I love Info Barrel better than ehow. My opinion is based on my time spent with each site. I am not trying to influence anyone on which site is better. I'll explain my own experience with each writing site, then let you be your own judge if you decide to join Info Barrel for yourself.

Ehow vs Info Barrel

Before I start comparing each site, I am not trying to be bias in my opinion. I'm not bitter, angry, or looking to settle some kind of score with ehow. I'm really happy to be contributing with Info Barrel. If you were a writer for ehow and enjoy it then I say great! Sharing my positive experience with Info Barrel might inspire others to join in on a great opportunity. I like to see hard working writers have the best opportunities available to them. Ehow was not a horrible site. Despite the large amount of problems ehow had, it was one of the best freelance writing sites online. The first thing that obviously sticks out with my experience, and probably most writers was the money. The earnings off ehow was definitely better than I'd guess to say 95% of the revenue writing sites online. A lot of that was mainly because of their extremely high page authority on google's search engine. Ehow has a lot of pull on google. Obviously one of the very important factors in writing online comes down to how much money you can make. We'd all be fibbing if that wasn't one of the bigger motives.

As good as ehow's earnings were I still had a real problem with how we as writers would make money off their site. I could never be certain if I was getting more, or less than I should off ehow. Because the algorithm earnings off ehow was anyone's guess. None of the members understood how it worked. Revenue share was a factor, but how much members earned off revenue share was anyone's guess. Did we get paid by views? Well, ehow's staff at least hinted was part of the earnings algorithm, but never cared to actually explain it. Ehow refused to discuss their actual earning algorithm to any of its member. In fact, their staff has even lied and mislead members on exactly how it works. I say to myself, why?

Why can't members know what they're being paid? Imagine having a job where you had no idea what you were receiving each week. No percentage given per commission, or were you notified of the salary that you would receive. Your company just says we'll pay you, but we won't tell you exactly how much we're paying you. Would you stay at that job any longer than 5 minutes? Would this business have any employers? Well, Info Barrel doesn't play those kinds of games. They are straight up with their payment algorithm. They are straight up about any questions on how Info Barrel works. A big factor in why I like Info Barrel better than ehow is that they communicate with their writers. They actually explain what is going on. Ehow it's anyone's guess.

Community and Writing Content

I can't sit here and say which community of writers are better. Both places have a great community of writers that are friendly, smart, and hard working. Ehow is a bigger site, so the community is naturally bigger. I think the community on Info Barrel has been overall more helpful to me personally, since it's a smaller community of people and their thoughts are more noticed. It feels like a family of writers on Info Barrel who are all helpful and polite. That's not to say ehow members aren't helpful or hard working contributors. A lot of ehow members have migrated to Info Barrel. They are some of the same great writers and people from ehow who now enjoy their experience with Info Barrel.

I question the quality of written content on ehow. When it comes down to quality writing, I think Info Barrel wins out. Ehow in my opinion doesn't strive for quality written articles the way Info Barrel does. I'm not indicating the writers are better on Info Barrel. Info Barrel seems to just have high standards. Which in turn helps a writer make more money. Info Barrel is better than ehow because they allow you to keep the rights to your work. Ehow currently no longer let's writers keep the rights to their published work. Once you publish through Demand Studios, and articles are published on ehow, you don't retain rights to those articles.


One of the worst things about ehow was the staff and management of the site. One of the best things about Info Barrel is their staff. I don't think the biggest ehow cheerleader could disagree of the assessment that community managers were non-responsive to community problems. When it came to problems and questions, staff members were very reluctant to address them. Members often had to butt heads with staff members to address problems on the site. Their inability to explain how members earn on the site, and reluctancy to even explain what the rules were caused chaos. A lot of members felt ehow wasn't treating their contributor writers fair, compared to their Demand Studio writers.

There was a difference for those who wrote at ehow compared to Demand Studios. Ehow is owned by Demand Studios. Articles that came through the Demand Studios format were upfront payment fee articles. Demand Studios pays a writer up front to write an article, rather than splitting the revenue share with the writer like they would on ehow. Although Demand Studios does offer revenue share, similar to the writing compensation program that ehow had before it was shut down. Ehow let you keep the writes to your work, Demand Studios doesn't. The ethics of the staff was in question numerous of times, and exposed plenty by members on ehow. On Info Barrel, I've never experienced any of the manipulative and devious tactics that ehow's staff would display. They're honest, fair, and they work hard to address any problem or hiccup that occurs on Info Barrel. They are the exact opposite of ehow.

Info Barrel's staff isn't just honest, they work hard to keep the site running fast and efficient. Another thing I didn't like about ehow was how slow the site was, and the numerous bugs the site experienced. Ehow is one of the slowest sites on the internet. According to Alexa, 91% of sites are faster than ehow. Where as Info Barrel is faster than 71% of sites on the internet. A slow loading page can result into viewers clicking out of the website.


I can't sit here and say that you'll make more money on Info Barrel than you would on ehow right away. The earnings were one of the best things about ehow. Obviously earnings are pretty important when you're trying to pay bills, or you're currently out of work. Enjoying the atmosphere of a online freelance writing site is important, but you'd like to make some money as well. So ehow has a leg up on earnings over Info Barrel, or do they? Well yes, and no.

Info Barrel offers the most generous revenue share online by far. A generous 75% off google ads is offered, that can go as high as 90%. Those numbers aren't a typo error. That's right, you can earn as high as 90% though contests and points generated from Info Barrel. No other online revenue share site offers anywhere close to the generous revenue share offered on Info Barrel. That's not the only way you can make money off Info Barrel. Unlike ehow, InfoBarrel allows you to display chitika ads, along with amazon ads on your articles. The earnings potential is much greater on Info Barrel than it is on ehow, or any other revenue share writing site online. For those who are still confused, long-term Info Barrel's earnings are much higher, where short-term ehow's earnings are probably more profitable.

Here comes the one blemish on Info Barrel. When comparing to ehow it lacks page authority from google's search engine. This is the one thing that turns writers off. I don't for one second underestimate how important a writing site's page authority with google is for web traffic. Page authority gives you a better chance of getting on the top page of google's search engine. Which results into more traffic and money for writers. Which explains why ehow is easier to earn money right away. However, don't let that be a reason to turn you away from Info Barrel. When I say blemish, I say that as in currently. It's not that you can't get a good page rank on Info Barrel, it just takes a little longer than it would on ehow. Info Barrel is becoming a bigger site each day, and the lack of page authority will not continue to be a problem. Rome was not built in one day and Info Barrel is just beginning to make its presence known. This chart off Alexa will show you the growth Info Barrel has endured in just a year's time.

Info Barrel chart  (20946)


This is what I really love about Info Barrel compared to ehow, is the use of do-follow backlinks. I love the fact that you can use Info Barrel as a great way to promote a blog, or website of yours. Ehow had banned the use of using links to affiliate sites right before they pulled the plug on their writing compensation program. Even before that, their links weren't do-follow links. They allowed them in the resource section for awhile, but google didn't recognize them as do-follow links on their search engine. Info Barrel offers a very generous two embed links allowed anywhere in the body of your article, as long as they're not in the first paragraph. These links can direct to a blog, an affiliate site of yours, or another article writing site. Ehow was strictly about making money for themselves, and their members were an after thought.

Info Barrel is more about sharing and allowing everyone the opportunity to do well. The staff has spent numerous amount of time figuring out the best way the site and members can make money. However, Info Barrel will not tolerate spamming and they have very fair and simple guidelines to follow when using backlinks. Info Barrel will crack down on those who spam and break the rules of their guidelines. Info Barrel's staff has a policy and they carefully moderate the best integrity of the place. Info Barrel preaches a "treat us fair and we'll treat you fair" policy.

Writing formats

Ehow was strictly a "How to" site that allowed one writing format only for compensation writers. The how to writing format wasn't bad, but each "how to" began to feel a bit mundane after awhile. They had a pretty strict policy what they considered a how to article. It took a lot of periodical deletion of articles until the staff finally after many members pleaded with, to finally explain to the community what their writing guidelines were. A lot of times I flat out disagreed on what they did, or didn't view as a "How to" article. That's not really what really stressed me out, just a small hiccup of the many problems I endured with ehow. Overall, the writing format was okay on ehow. There's definitely worse formats on other writing sites. Info Barrel beats it by miles.

Info Barrel has a how to format, blank format, a video article format, and a review article format. Basically you can write about anything you want! Of course as long as it's not offensive, degrading, or coming off as spam. You can choose to write a how to article, or basically blog about your dog Coozie, or talk about your personal experiences and opinions like I'm doing in this article. Info Barrel won't interfere with your freedom of writing topics. You're free to write at your own leisure on Info Barrel.

No article deletions

Oh yes! It's so nice to know my articles won't get deleted and disappear without any reasonable explanation whatsoever. One of the many things that was mysterious and puzzling was the article deletions on ehow. Okay, it might be one thing if a site wants to clean up on the integrity of the place, but that was hardly the case with ehow. Being a member long enough, myself and others quickly began to see right through their horse manure. It was a double standard they had when deleting articles. I'd continue to see ridiculous articles like "How to fly a monkey" or "How to cook crystal meth in your basement" on their site. Yes, ehow would have articles on their website teaching readers "How to become life criminals". The worse part is that most of these articles were written by ehow's editing staff team.

Info Barrel has a 10 article pre-approval system for new writers. I think it's good so writers can learn and adjust to what the site wants from their writers. If you get denied any articles, Info Barrel allows you to edit and re-publish the article as many times as needed. Like I said, the staff is helpful and they're very clear on what they expect on their site. I think one of the things that really sets Info Barrel apart from Ehow is communication from the staff.

Okay that's my review and opinion of why I like Info Barrel better than Ehow. My purpose was not to bash, or hate on ehow in anyway. I am not a bitter ex-member of ehow. My overall experience was more negative than positive. My standards for a writing site is very high. I am a person who has high standards in general. If I was grading ehow, I'd probably give them a C. I think majority of people who wrote for ehow would probably agree there was definitely ups and down in writing for them. Any site will have room to grow, and is never perfect. Info Barrel has transparency, and the ability to adapt itself for the better of the community and the site. I think that is important to have in a place, and the reason why you should consider making Info Barrel your next online freelance writing home.