Writing for Infobarrel

What Infobarrel means to me


I haven't been writing on Infobarrel for very long, but I have tried to remain as active as possible. I stumbled upon Infobarrel by chance. I was (and still am) looking for various streams of income, and came across writing online for some extra money. Writing is still fairly new to me, but it is something that has recently latched on. I did my research and found that there are plenty of article writing sites on the net, but which one do I choose? I did my homework and read up as much as I could about the various sites, and many writers were praising Infobarrel. I decided to go with it, and haven't looked back since.

It has now been just over a month and I have made the time to write some articles, with my first feature appearing over the weekend. This lifted my spirits and has given me more ambition. But what is it about Infobarrel that I like? Well I could tell you that as a writer you will earn more with Infobarrel than other sites, but I am not going to do this. What I am going to tell you about, is what Infobarrel means to me and the possibilities that are within this site.

Over the last month I have been immersed in thought, either thinking of articles or ideas within articles and how much I enjoy engaging with my thoughts and manifesting them into an article. I started thinking about Infobarrel and what a great platform it provides. As a writer Infobarrel provides us with a platform to write and practice our craft. It is an art and a craft that requires practice. I have found that the more I write, the easier it becomes. It has become easier for me to translate my thoughts to keyboard, so to speak. Infobarrel is a great platform to do this because there are plenty of writers who read the articles. They will comment and even offer their insights. This is great, because it promotes a community, a network for writers to write, and exchange ideas and thoughts. This leads to writers inspiring writers. The perk in doing this is obviously that you have an opportunity to get paid for writing your articles, which can be on any subkect under the sun. You get to decide what you write. This should hopefully lead to better writing, because you are doing it for yourself. This is a representation of you, you thoughts, morals, values, opinions...it is all you.

Another reason Infobarrel is great, is the variety of topics. You can find an article on Infobarrel on just about anything. They care about quality too, so you know the featured articles are of good writing quality. The great thing is that these are individuals writing, not for a newspaper, not for a magazine, but they are sharing their interests, insights and opinions. That makes a great platform for getting information on an incredibly diverse spectrum.

This brings me to the members of Infobarrel. The writers who share their thoughts with the world and with their fellow writers. Since I have been on Infobarrel, I have not encountered any petty or negative behaviour (like "trolling")toward the articles posted. The writers who have commented on my articles have been really supportive and have given me some great advice and insights. It is great interacting with other writers. I believe to gain insight from various sources will help lead you to truth. 

If you enjoy writing and really want to share your insights with the world, Infobarrel is the best place to start. Don't sign up just to make money, but sign up to write for the love of writing and sharing. The more you write, the easier it gets because the better you will know yourself. That is priceless.

If you are intereseted in trying it out, sign-up for free here. If you are interested in finding out how to improve your earnings and streamline your article writing to generate a better income, then there are plenty of great, well written articles here on Infobarrel, just do a search. Best of luck!