I have been writing on InfoBarrel for around three months now.

The money has been a little hit and miss but I feel I am getting there. My current earnings though are one of the few negatives about the site.

One of the many positive aspects about InfoBarrel.com is the community and the community forums.

The forums have only been operational for a short while now, but they are very useful. Spilt down into sections, it is easy to receive an answer to any questions that you may have. Now, you may say that this is what forums are all about but it is not so on every website of this kind.

It is possible to drop into the forum on other websites and receive short shrift.

Many of the long established writers, on other sites, like to monopolise the boards. They may claim that they are nurturing new members whilst in fact they may be bullying them or criticising their work. In fact, on sites such as these, you may feel as if you take your virtual life in your hands, if you dare air an opinion.

So what's so different about InfoBarrel.com's forums?

Well, for one thing members are happy to share their ideas. They are not afraid to let other members know what sites are useful. Neither are they afraid to detail what they earn or how they have achieved this. There is none of that, knowledge is power stuff, on InfoBarrel.

In fact long established writer's seem to be happy to share what they have learned with new members.

The forums are never sexist, racist or any other ist. On the whole, they are informative and friendly. Of course, there is always the lighter side of life included in some of the forums, which is as it should be. All work and no play, after all did make Jack or Jill rather dull, or so the saying goes.

The admin team are quick to respond to member's queries. At times they have acted on member's suggestions, such as in the first few days after the Haitian earthquake. InfoBarrel admin team came up trumps and changed the home page.

The forums are beginning to grow and no doubt will branch out in many ways. My hope though is that this growth does take away infobarrel's forum's individuality.

As long as the Admin team aim to keep the forums neutral, and not run by bullies, stewards and the like, they will be very useful. As someone who is a little older I have found the information in the forums relating to Adsense and promoting my work invaluable.

If you are new to InfoBarrel drop by and check out the forum.

You may find:-

  • Answers to your queries.
  • A great community.
  • Details and suggestions for contests and challenges.
  • Helpful tips for maximising your internet earnings.
  • Information about any bugs.
  • New ideas or you may want post an idea of your own.
  • Announcements

    by the InfoBarrel team.

One thing you will not find is anyone putting you down, being abusive or patronising, or being offensive in anyway. Long may the forums stay that way.