How to Increase your reading

If you're a real bookworm, then you know what I'm talking about when I say that the number of books on my reading list is increasing, no matter how much time I try to reserve for reading...

The number of new books being published seems to increase every year, and I seemed to be losing the battle. Then I discovered audio books. What a great invention!

I started off quite a few years ago with books on tape. I know that dates me some, but this was state of the art then. And it was also quite cumbersome, because you had to lug a few cassettes with you, if you wanted the entire book. And unless you were using the tape player in your car, you needed a Sony Walkman too. That made for quite some stuff to lug around.

Fortunatley, things changed soon after that, and CD's replaced the tapes. That meant a lot more information on one CD, and the first books that were actually read unabridged from start to end. Before, the books were, more often than not, abridged. Because entire books would have been too long and the cost of tapes too high for profitable production, in the editing houses somebody decided what was important and what could be left out, and that somebody was rarely the author... - With the new audiobooks on CD, this was not the case anymore.

The nice thing about today's technology oriented world is that there are often great inventions that make life so much easier. One of these inventions is the MP3 player. These little gadgets are incredible! In a small appliance that is not even the size of a cigarette pack, you can now transport an entire library. The MP3 player meant the end of lugging around a lot of stuff to listen to audiobooks. No more tapes, no more CD's!

That was the time I really started to increase and intensify my 'reading' - actually listening to books. The walkman or a portable CD player just did not really fit into my exercise program. But the MP3 player was easy to carry along and it did not disturb me. So exercising and listening became two activities that matched perfectly.

Commuting in the car to and from work, going on long trips, or even just driving around for fun saw me listening to books ever since the tapes. But now I could continue listening even when I left the car in the parking lot and walked a few blocks.

... and the chores in the garden, when the hands are really busy, but the mind has plenty of spare capacity, are now more fun. Listening to a good audiobook when doing repetitive stuff like mowing the lawn is just that much more fun!

You see, listening to audiobooks is fun, let's you increase the number of books you read - I just love them!  Right now I'm listening to "Vital Friends: The People You Can't Afford to Live Without" by Tom Rath.

Vital Friends: The People You Can't Afford to Live Without - Tom Rath