Kindle book reader


You can preview books before you decide to buy them. I can browse through collections of books without stepping a foot into a brick and mortar bookstore. This can all be done in the comfort of my own home. The pricing of the books are reasonable and very cheap. There are also some books that are also available for free. You can receive you book in seconds by simply downloading your books to your Kindle. The books are also saved to your backup library.

You can carry your whole library with you. The sleek design of the Kindle can easily fit into your purse or you can purchase a cute carrying case. One of the best things I like about my Kindle is it also has the ability to download documents to it. This cuts down on using paper which helps you to go green. Another feature that I like is that you can take notes and highlight passages you are reading on your Kindle.

You can buy books that have been out of print that may not be available anywhere else. Books that can only be purchased if you pre-order them can now be previewed before making a decision of whether or not you want to buy them.

Some books come with the text to speech feature. This allows the Kindle to read your book to you while you are multitasking. You can plug in your head phones if you do not want to disturb anyone or you can let it play out loud.

The Kindle gives you the ability to download music such as MP3 files. It also comes with a calculator and you browse certain internet sites. You can also purchase a Kindle with 3G connection without having to sign a contract for the service.


Sometimes the text to speech feature can get stuck on a sentence and repeat itself. I find by simply turning it off and back on again can help it get to the next sentence.

The quality of the books is sometimes not that good. I find this to happen in most of the older books that are out of print.

Full Review

My Kindle is awesome. It is a book lover's dream to carry around hundreds of books at one time. Having the ability to browse through your collection of books while waiting at the doctor's office or hair salon is wonderful. The Kindle has so many great features that it can be utilized for more than just book reading.

In Closing

Overall the pro of the Kindle outweighs the cons so it is a keeper. My books go wherever I go and it is convenient to carry my Kindle then having several books at one time. If you are a book over you will definitely love the Kindle. Try one for yourself.