I use Ultra Sheen Duo Tex which is a protein conditioner that is good for fine limp hair or damaged hair due to over processing it. I started using this product after I noticed my hair shedding more than normal from chemical treatments I received on my hair. I needed to do something fast before I lost all my hair which was when I discovered Ultra Sheen Duo Tex protein conditioner.


This conditioner is easy to use and leaves your hair feeling soft. The conditioner can be used weekly or however often you wash your hair. First wash your hair with a regular shampoo of any kind. After that apply the Ultra Sheen Duo Tex to your hair. Comb the conditioner through your hair and leave it on for 10 minutes. By combing the conditioner through and allowing it to sit in your hair helps the proteins to get into the hair shaft. The hair shaft is where breakage and shedding occurs. Putting the nutrients back into the hair shaft helps to make it strong and healthy again.You can put a plastic cap on your head if you have one. Rinse the protein conditioner out once your time is up. You can apply a regular conditioner after that. 


Ultra Sheen Duo Tex is a product that is been around forever and is available at a very reasonable cost.This product can be purchased in most beauty supply stores or it is also available online @ Amazon.com. The bottle size is a large amount and should last for several months. It is so reasonable that you may want to buy multiple bottles. I noticed a change in my hair the first time I used and i know you will too. Read some of the reviews for this product and you will see the satisfied customers and their results from using this product. Depending on the severity of your damaged hair, you may want to consult with a licensed beautician for the best treatment for you.

Dry and Damaged Hair
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