My Struggle with ITunes

By nature, I am a fairly patient person; I am not a person who has a tendency to over react, and I absolutely hate it when people cause drama over ever little issue they have in their lives. That being said I’m going to make a statement that on its surface might seem a little over the top, maybe even a little bit melodramatic; there is nothing in the history of this universe, or in any of the other infinite universes that exist that is even close to as frustrating as ITunes. While this statment might seem melodramatic on the surface, it is true.

Let me preface the rest of this article by saying I am by no means a tech wizard of any merit. I do however work around computers all the time, and have the dubious honor of the title data processor, so I'm no stranger to technology either.

I got my first smart phone as soon as the 5s was released; I was one of the ‘lucky’ ones to get it a day after it came out. My previous phones were always pay as you go with not a bell or whistle to be found, practical phones to be sure, but not at all fancy. Imagine my excitement when I had the brand new, top of the line, best you can buy phone on the market. Finally I was somebody!

I’ve owned Apple products before, an Ipod touch and an Ipod Nano. I mostly used them around the house for tunes, or brought them to the gym for music whenever I could bring myself to get off the couch. The fact that I was always using the same computer, and only ever owned one device at a time disguised how truly terrible the software really is.

After I bought my fancy new phone, I was the proud owner of both it and an IPod touch, so now I had two Apple products. No problem right? The more the merrier I always say! Except of course, if a person wants to have different music on different devices, then more is not in fact merrier, it is pretty actually pretty terrible. There is a mixture of my music with my wife’s on our ITunes, and I really wanted to keep my phone free of her stuff (she’s a much bigger fan of Poison than I am). Checking a song, unchecking an artist, syncing, and un-syncing, it takes hours and there is a higher probability of deleting everything on each device than there should be. Now someone reading this article might be thinking “You idiot, all you have to do is check here, sync here, recheck this, add something to library, then remove from the my music list and boom, you’re done”. That may be the case, but here’s my argument to you; a friend at work showed me how he got music from a computer onto his Android phone; he copied and pasted. That is it, the whole process took him about 0.5 seconds. There was no ‘add file to library’, no sync, nothing like that. He just had to copy, and paste, and not a single file that he didn’t want removed got deleted, not even one, if you can believe it.IPhone 5sCredit: John Karakatsanis at

The second problem I’ve been having with my Apple products is when I hook it up to many different computers. The nature of my job dictates I travel about half the time. I have my work laptop, my personal laptop, and three or four different work PCs. Every single time I plug my phone into a different computer, I hold my breath and hope that nothing is deleted, or that nothing I have no use for is suddenly loaded onto my phone. God help a person if they share a computer with another person on ITunes, no one could predict what will happen then. Again someone reading this might say ‘just click here, unclick there, uncheck the sync and recheck the library, then you’ll probably be ok.” This I say to you, copy and paste.

I’m sure Apple has a lot of really great reasons for making people jump through all these hoops to get files on and off there devices, but there is a problem with these reasons. They are great for Apple, but not so great for the consumer. Forcing people to run though ITunes protects Apple from copyright infringement and gives them another huge revenue stream. ITunes however, doesn’t prevent people from putting whatever files they want on their phones; it just makes it more inconvenient. In this day and age of ever improving technology inconvenience is a real problem, there is a reason Android phones are becoming more popular all the time, and no amount of snappy advertising or celebrity endorsements can change the fact that ITunes is awful. I for one won’t ever buy from Apple again and I can't believe I am the only one that feels this way.