The Importance of Travelling Today

Thanks to the Internet and other modern technologies, the world today is much alike a global village. And, unfortunately, such things as face-to-face communication, traveling and sightseeing tend to take a back seat in our lives. However, it we all perfectly know that there are some immortal places that will always attract people from all over the world. And, in this context, traveling to India is a must. We can describe this country as a unique one, any tourist is certain to make sure of that right on the first day of staying there.

Incredible India

India as One the Most Popular Tourist Destinations

Visiting India, that is rich in traditions and customs, architecture together with religious heritage and wildlife resorts, is definitely a long-held dream for millions of tourists, not to mention those for whom India is a sacred place of pilgrimage.

Discovering India's Wildlife and Learning about Its Issues

To my mind, India’s wildlife deserves a separate chapter for its description, since its fauna includes about 350 and 1200 different animal and bird species, respectively. However, some species of animals are rare ones and need protection, namely: one horned Indian rhinoceros, Asiatic lions, Royal Bengal Tigers and Snow leopards as well as several species of exotic birds. It’s worth mentioning that thanks to the interest in exploring wildlife, Indian government established many national parks. Today, those travellers who are really into wildlife can go on trips around wildlife reserves and enjoy game viewing.

With over 80 national parks, India attracts tourists willing to view rich fauna, and for the most part to see tigers. Though, it’s easier said than done, since the number of tigers varies for one national park to another. We can distinguish 5 parks that enjoy immense popularity among visitors, notably: Corbett National Park, Kanha National Park, Bandhavgarh National Park, Ranthambore National Park, Sunderbans National Park.

Wild Life India

Tourist Industry in Terms of Statistics

Tourist industry has a huge impact upon the country: it accounts for 6.23% of the national GDP and provides 8.78% of people with jobs. USA and UK are the countries whose citizens are mostly attracted by India. According to the tourism statistics of 2010, the total number of tourists in the country as of 2010 were 5.78 million. In this context we should mention that roughly 200 billion US dollars penetrated into India’s economy in 2008, and this figure is likely to grow up to US$375.5 billion by 2018. Kerala, Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Tami Nadu are among the most popular states where a great many tourists like coming. Tasks as to development and promotion of tourist industry rest with India’s Ministry of Tourism. Today, there is a trend for brand new forms of tourism, like: cruise, rural, eco as well as medical tourism to gain popularity. In addition, the Incredible India campaign gets support from the Ministry of Tourism. You can get the detailed information about different forms of tourism from Discovering India travel agency. And, therefore, it will be easier to decide what form of tourist activities to take up.

Religion in India

In Rome Do as the Romans Do or How India Looks Like in the Eyes of Foreigners

Religion and spirituality play great roles in the Indian society. Family means much for Indians. It's a tradition for Indians to live within their paternal families for a long while. Sons will live in their paternal families all their lives, whereas daughters won’t fly the nest until they got married. Without a single culture, India is definitely a country where different themes combine various cultures. Its cultural values are very important for Indians and have a huge impact on the language through literature and poetry. Indian classical and folk dances are also a part of the culture. It’s fair to say that Indian society is still rather stratified, though there is a tendency towards increasingly weakening caste system.

As far as I can judge, we can describe India as the country of enigmas. It stirs up extraordinary emotions: it inspires, thrills and frustrates tourists simultaneously. That can’t be compared to any other country in the world. Surely, India won’t leave anyone indifferent.