Causes for anxiety in women.

Surveys conducted by various organizations reveal that women are more stressed and eventually become anxious than men. How far it is true? Did the surveys apply statistically agreed sampling? I would like to think aloud especially on a recent survey result appeared in Yahoo! Lifestyle that said Indian women are the most stressed when compared to women in already developed countries.

Do developing countries offer more chances of getting stressed?

According to the survey cited, women in India are subjected to more stress than women in United States or United Kingdom. As a woman from India, I would fully agree to this revelation of the survey. Let us examine the reasons for this..

The reasons for stress in India:

The survey said Indian women are racing against time and that is the primary cause of their stress. I think it is due to the time required to commute in a nation where local infrastructure is not the best in the world.

In addition, Indian women take the sole responsibility of taking care of household chores sparingly aided by the male members of the family.

In many cases, Indian women are the breadwinners of the family but still, the decision making is chauvinistically claimed by the men.

I would say many women in India are averse to the idea of declaring that they are completely independent in spite of being the breadwinner of her family.

Parenting issues lead to stress and anxiety:

Again, in Indian culture, women are held responsible in raising their children and are supposed to take care of them even after their marriage. Naturally, children look upon their mother for all their needs ignoring their father completely.


How women of other nations face these issues?

It would not be right to say that women from developed nations don't face the same issues. I would even say they value their womanly responsibilities equally but they are spiritually strong enough so that they don't allow them themselves to be easily stressed out on these issues. They carry bigger worries concerning personal relationship and martial security.


All these reasons seem to be not applicable to women in developed countries. However, they too feel the stress and tension but for different reasons. Therefore there are no escape routes for women all over the world. Next surveys on the same lines might reveal more shocking results that would make the men of the world to be truly concerned.

The final verdict given by the survey is amusing. It said that in spite of being stressed all the time, Indian women would have more money to spend on themselves in the next five years.