Being a student is great, but one major downside can be the lack of cash.

But what most students do have are two very valuable assets:

Time and Knowledge.

(Also they will hopefully have access to the internet).

Fortunately these three factors happen to also be in common with the solution to the problem above.

The question: "How can time and my degree (and my access to the internet) help get me money?".

The answer: "InfoBarrel!"

InfoBarrel is a site that can allow students (for free) to write up articles (on almost topic they wish) and publish them, once an article has been published, InfoBarrel and the student share the advertising revenue recieved due to people visiting the article.

(75% to the student, 25% to InfoBarrel).

Students are earning from their articles for as long as it is live on the web, so they can make £5 from the article one month and then make £6 from the article the next month and so on.

Now why most students have a serious advantage on InfoBarrel, over most non-students.

They have: Time

Now most students certainly have much more time than the average working person, so they can get involved in societies and independent study etc.

But why time is important to success on InfoBarrel?

Time is a great asset on InfoBarrel!

Simply put ...

By having more time, you are able to write more articles (hence more streams of income), and you will have more time to invest into the article content (then hopefully producing better quality content, than if you were in a full time job, where you might have to sacrifice more on article quality due to the lack of time).

They have: Knowledge (their degree)

Here students have another fantastic asset.

As students are doing a degree, they live and breathe information!

Students therefore have almost no excuse to ever be impeded by writer's block, which can cause some issues to writers here, and they also don't require as much time and effort to go into the research for producing the articles, providing them with even more time.

(As students are writing articles around their degree they already know most of the content, saving the time and effort it takes to research content that is needed before you can start writing. They also happen to have access to top class information sources e.g. university lectures, libraries etc..)

As a student you can constantly refer back to your degree for inspiration, with every lecture, you should be able to sprout another 50 plus article ideas, to write about.

But then by writing these articles which are relevant to your degree, you aren't just earning an income online, you are also learning and revising the taught content.

As you are constantly reading over the information provided to you and adapting and presenting it into your own words whilst expanding upon it due to further research required to complete your online InfoBarrel article.

Then by implementing natural SEO strategies on InfoBarrel you are also providing yourself a constant on-going revision of previous content.

Hence naturally preparing you for when it comes to revision, whilst providing you with a good passive income.

Then even when revising time comes you have the ability to incorporate your revision into InfoBarrel, you can recite notes in a manner of fashion by producing them in an article format, or simply write up some notes from past articles you have wrote.

(Also if you are doing a timed essay, how about you write it out on a keyboard instead, then publish that to InfoBarrel.)