In an increasingly competitive Web 2.0 revenue sharing industry, it's no surprise that a writer's determination of the best place to write for can oftentimes be encountered by nothing short of alot of frustration and pulled hair. Afterall, it makes the most sense for writer's, and internet marketers, to naturally gravitate to the website(s) that simply offer them the most. Few websites online offer the wide range of functionality, generous offerings, and appropriate incentivizations, that Info Barrel offers to its writers. As a result, Info Barrel is fast emerging as a powerhouse in the Web 2.0 article submission, revenue sharing industry.

  • Generous Revenue Share, in Context of its Growth Trends. Info Barrel doesn't offer the highest revenue share online. Exploration of similar websites will reveal some websites that, in fact, do offer more of a revenue share, in terms of strictly percentage. Even still, with a 75-90% revenue share arrangement, there isn't a single website online that approaches Info Barrel's revenue share arrangement, in context of the growth trends it has been displaying. For one to use a revenue sharing website, simply because they offer a higher revenue sharing percentage, would be incredibly unwise, as that revenue share must also be accompanied by a degree of search engine authority coupled with consistent, recognizable, growth.
  • Appropriate and Effective Platform Incentivization. Common to each individual's psychology is an inherent requirement to be continually motivated. For a Web 2.0 revenue sharing website, effective mechanisms need to be in place that will keep people engaged in the platform itself, and provide a sense of purpose and meaning underlying the pursuit of goals. Whether it be through contents, an escalating increased revenue sharing arrangement, or little pieces of coded achievements, Info Barrel has done a superior job at incentivizing the very things that Google looks favorably upon. In both the long term and short term, what will result is a website that has tremendous authority, where each individual writer's articles earn quite generously simply because they are uploaded to this website.
  • Simple and Effective Revene Share Arrangement. Accompanyiing the emergence of Web 2.0 revenue sharing websites has come, whether intentionally or unintentionally (and there have been reason for both), websites in this industry, in particular, have been notorious for making some very clear and evident mistakes in the execution of their revenue share arrangement. While some sites, such as eHow or Suite 101, hide behind a veil of secrecy with regards to fundamental transparency concerning just how much revenue is actually shared with writers, other site's execution of this arrangement has been made intentionally complex and complicated. In a time where Web 2.0 business models can inherently be structured to lend to the willful deception of writers, Info Barrel's business model and revenue sharing arrangement are both generous and simple.
  • Diversified Integration of Various Monetization Methods. The most compelling test of the effectiveness of a Web 2.0 revenue sharing website's business model is the ownerships ability to effectively integrate a variety of monetization methods into their platform interface. On Info Barrel, spoken about monetization methods include such advertisement networks as Google Adsense, Chitika, and Amazon's associates program. While one will quickly find that Google Adsense is actually the most lucrative of these programs, each other network has a viable roll as a complementary monetization method that can bring increased revenue to writers in the longterm. Unspoken methods of monetization include the integration of contextual affiliate links from such networks as Commission Junction, Linkshare, Share-a-Sale, and Clickbank. Whether within context of your Info Barrel article, or within you author's signature box, the emplacement of those previously mentioned affiliate networks will incur a writer 100% of the revenue earned.
  • Consistent Responsiveness of Info Barrel Ownership. As websites grow, many owners oftentimes find it difficult to respond to users individually, especially when they are taxed with hundreds of other tasks that demand their immediate attention. Unfortunately, with growth and expansion of content, the ownership of many sites fail to even invest money (for fear of not cutting costs), into a viable system where user's general questions, and concerns are met on a continual basis. Besides addressing questions and concerns of users, Info Barrel's ownership has done a a tremendous job at also considering and implementing various user recommendations that have actually helped to shape the course of this website.
  • Helpful and Thriving Integrated Community and User Forum. When I began writing for Info Barrel in August 2009, there wasn't a community or user forum in existence. With time, however, and escalating feedback from users, this community was integrated as a direct result of escalating user feedback regarding the need for one. In order to further reinforce a brand identity, while developing a user and platform culture, Info Barrel's integration of a user forum and community represents their true value of writer's feedback and opinions. Besides serving as a haven for information and idea exchange, Info Barrel's forum now has many lively, and helpful members, that are all brought together around a common purpose and goal.
  • Incentivized Referral Program and Lifetime Revenue Share. Where similar website's offer a flat payment once a referral gains their first monetary payout, Info Barrel has integrated an incentivized referral program that offers just enough to writers to incentivize them to continually spread word of and grow the website. In a highly competitive industry, where information reigns supreme, Info Barrel has recognized that high quantities of high quality articles cannot be realistically achieved unless current writers are further incentivized to promote the website to their friends and family. While it is a great thought and wishful thinking that writers will just naturally love a site so much that they'll always spread word of it, that isn't necessarily always the case. People need to be incentivized, and Info Barrel has managed to do that quite well.

With a plethora of competing websites, each with variances in their revenue share arrangements and business models, it is becoming increasingly clear that Info Barrel is becoming a true powerhouse in this industry. Getting in on the ground floor of a site such as Info Barrel can have monumental benefits to your online income, for a lifetime. If you would be interested in joining this great community of writers on Info Barrel, it would be an absolute honor to have you join under my referral link, or you can join also by simply visiting Info Barrel's homepage. As one of the earliest contributors to Info Barrel, it would be an absolute honor to have you also consider purchasing and reading my 6-book highly acclaimed Info Barrel eBook course, that has helped many to significantly increase their monthly revenue just by writing and submitting content online!