Female Writing
Credit: microsoft.office.com

Writing articles online is new to me and something I would have never thought about doing my own.  I came across this wonderful site on “Stumble Upon.”   Being the type of person that is always looking to broaden my horizons; this sight was a pleasant surprise.  Before any writing and submission to the site my due diligence was required.  After reading all of the Info Barrel success stories and challenges my mind was made up.  This was going to be my new gig and a challenge was set for myself to write daily and give this endeavor my best efforts. 

            My career on Info Barrel has been going for a long week now (that makes me smile) and I couldn’t be happier.  The people here that have been writing for at least a year or more are nothing less than inspiring.  Your stories, comments, and words of wisdom have given me all that was needed to see how far this could go for me.  Now, I will admit I’m not well versed in back links and don’t quite understand how they work and I am still learning how to drive traffic to my articles but I am confident that as your stories continue to guide me that my journey will be a great one.  My game is definitely stepping up to the high bar that many of you have set to provide great content and make good passive income.  Many others like me are finding their way to this terrific site and I wanted to be the first to say “THANK YOU.” 

            It’s amazing how so many people can come together in one place all looking for the same thing.  Not only do they find what they are looking for, but share the knowledge as well.  The world would be a better place if there were more people like you that learned new things and then helped many others along the way.  I have been sharing this site with many of my colleagues and friends in the hope that they will sign up and start writing too.  They have nothing to lose and everything to gain from sharing what they know with the world.  It’s funny, when you begin writing articles you realize how much you’ve learned in your lifetime and that you do have something important to offer the world.  My hope is to one day be an Info Barrel superstar as well and have others be inspired by my work, but until then I will continue to write, edit and learn from all of you.  Please keep doing what you do because there are so many others out there like me that are looking for some continued motivation and here it is.