Well, apart from my overly captivating article title, Info Barrel's conquering of the universe may be a long shot, however, I do believe that it has a formidable chance at establishing itself really quite nicely in an ever-expanding revenue share industry. With months of hardcore research, and usage of similar website platforms under my belt, I can honestly say that I have become a huge cheerleader for Info Barrel for a variety of reasons.

It wasn't until August of 2009 that I had discovered Info Barrel through a link that place was placed in eHow's very own forum, by a once loyal user of eHow. Amidst many circumstances that reach beyond the confines of this articles (although, many online writers are aware of their occurrence), I gave Info Barrel a test drive, just like I have many other websites. In my time of using Info Barrel, I have noticed many things about this website platform that, I truly believe, set it above the rest. Unfortunately, with more websites in this industry than I can count, at least for me, it immediately became necessary for me to justify my spending a significant amount of time here interacting and writing. To do so, without proper the proper research and experience, would seem unwise or imprudent.

Afterall, article writing online can easily become a significant investment of one's own time and energy. Submitting content to website that operates under clear guidelines, transparency in revenue share, as well as a plethora of other essential items of platform functionality, 'should' be paramount in an online writer's mind when they are determining the best website(s) to host their content. Bare in mind, not all websites are alike by any means. In fact, based on my own research and analysis, Info Barrel currently stands above the rest in so many areas.

In fact, Info Barrel's revenue share model and general business practices are justifiably causing it to experience significant growth and gained authority in the world's most elite of search engines, recently. Based on what I have seen, as far as growth trends, Info Barrel, at this time, really stands a chance to emerge as one of the elite websites in the online article writing content submission revenue sharing industry. Even with their massive user bases, that have been established over their years of existence, in my honest opinion, websites like eHow, HubPages, and Squidoo each present their own unique platforms, and deficiencies, that I feel Info Barrel has addressed really quite well.

While each website does present their own 'atmosphere' and 'user culture', I have recently noticed that Info Barrel has certain viral mechanisms in place that have caused writers, on similar platforms, to write articles directing others writers to this website. Where a limited amount of online writers exist, its not surprise that people would naturally gravitate to the best places that host their online content. At this time, admittedly, Info Barrel doesn't have quite the search engine authority as some very established websites, however, its generosity in revenue share, and mild referral incentive, appear to be just enough to at least raise eyebrows and incite curiosity with regards to what Info Barrel has to offer.

In the time that I have been writing articles online, I have noticed a bit of an evolution in the revenue sharing industry. As each website changes and adapts, to meet this ever increasing onslaught of viable competition, I fully expect, as a bold prediction, that Info Barrel's revenue share model, in and of itself, may actually cause similar websites to change or adjust the way they conduct business. In a world where, courtesy of gentleman like Bernie Madoff, transparency is becoming a fundamental principle that people not only demand and expect, I do strongly believe that those revenue sharing websites that outright fail to be transparent will sink to the bottom, while those who operate their businesses in a transparent manner will rise to the top.

In my honest opinion, Info Barrel isn't just another website, but, rather, it is a 'statement' of everything that writers should want (and deserve) in this industry. Where similar website platforms operate under a significant veil of secrecy, Info Barrel has emerged as one website that, as I have noticed, operates under complete transparency--an arrangement that has proven to facilitate a growing relationship between staff and members. As we provide feedback, Info Barrel has shown that they genuinely care about what we have to say, and they actually take prompt action to turn our feedback into real, tangible, changes on the website. This is more than is to be said for other platforms, where user questions and concerns are left to become hidden under pages and pages of unaddressed posts and threads.

Where search engines are clearly evolving, Info Barrel's multi-format article publishing, in my honest opinion, presents even greater flexibility in writer creativity. Unfortunately, while initially unique in concept, any platform that self-limits itself to just "how to" type articles are clearly putting an unnecessary constraint on writers options and creativity, in the long run. The ability to publish in multi-formats makes Info Barrel actually a fun place to publish, where user creativity, participation, and interaction is openly encouraged and incentivized, rather than discouraged. Those website that just limit themselves to a "how-to" format, in this day and age, are inherently limiting their own writers and capabilities--something that I'm sure will manifest in decreased search engine visibility to the entire site, thus, significantly impacted writer earnings.

The fact that Info Barrel was able to see and predict this occurrence speaks very highly of the knowledge and skill set behind their owners and management.

While other websites openly encourage the production of shorter articles, Info Barrel openly incentivizes a writer's production of longer articles, with a point system attributed dependent upon length of articles. What we are seeing emerge in this industry is a diametrically opposed thinking and mentality with regards to what these websites, and their owners, TRULY believe that search engines, and internet surfers, really want to see. While we can debate SEO methods and strategies to no end, I do contend, based on personal experience and research, that longer articles will ultimately do better in search engines for a variety of reasons, and, thus, earn writers more money in the long term. Quite honestly, it boggles my mind why any website would openly encourage the writing of "short" articles.

With it's recent minor adjustments to its advertisement layout, as Info Barrel gains significant search engine authority, I truly believe that writers here will earn significantly more here than they do on other similar website platforms. Even the most intricate and detailed of research and consideration leads me to believe that, in its simplicity, Info Barrel's basic structure of pages and color scheme, will lead to much greater user interaction, and revenue sharing generation. The bluish tones of this website are a perfect complement to the Google Advertisements that are ultimately intended to be the primary money maker for writers here. Info Barrel's willingness to test, and implement, different advertisement placements and monitezation methods is really a testament to how highly they regard their writers, and WANT them to earn as much as possible.

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