Info Barrel and eHow are two somewhat similar sites with very similar goals. In any occasion one site will always out do the other. There is no real way they can both coexist. If that is the case however, which one will surpass the other? Will eHow continue on being the site number one in the search engines, or will Info Barrel slowly start to take over?

The answer is simple. Info Barrel will surely start to take over. Since the earnings at Info Barrel go directly into your adsense accounts, you can directly see your earnings. With eHow comparatively you are taking their word on what your earnings really are. You do not know for sure as you do at Info Barrel what your earnings really are.

Another characteristic that separates Info Barrel from eHow is the freedom Info Barrel gives you compared to eHow. With eHow you are only allowed to write articles in a specific How To format. Info Barrel gives you more choices than just how to articles. These diversity of articles will help Info Barrel surpass eHow in the end. Yes you could go to eHow for one type of article, but why go to eHow for one article when you need to find six others not on eHow. In comparison, there is a very good chance that Info Barrel will have all six of the articles you are looking for. This eliminates any need to go to six or more different sites for what you want and need. It is all here at Info Barrel.

So if a broad range of articles and easier earnings is not enough to convince you that Info Barrel will surpass eHow then ease of use of the site should be. Navigating around Info Barrel is a lot easier than over at eHow. Not too mention the support for members at eHow is non existent. So why would members continue to write for them when there is no support for them. The answer is simple, they will not. Members will start moving on in over here and Info Barrel will be the place to be not eHow.