If you haven't heard of Farmville yet, it is a game application on Facebook.com. After a few days of playing Farmville and getting to know my way around Farmville, I began to realize the concept itself is very similar to the awesome site here at Info Barrel.




The concept of Farmville is that you plow, plant, fertilize, harvest and you begin to prosper from your crops and cattle. These are the same concepts we use here at Info Barrel. We are always sowing what we reap. If we sow little, we reap little. If we write one or two great articles and sit around waiting for them to generate hefty revenue, we have wasted a lot of time waiting. As on Farmville, if we continue to plant our crops, preparing them for harvest on a continual steady basis, we will benefit the most in the end.

Plowing the ground can be likened to preparing your article ideas. Listing a host of ideas and always having a long list to draw from will keep you from being stuck for a new idea to plow.

Planting your idea is likened to beginning to write your ideas and forming the article. You are preparing it for growth and harvest.

Watering and fertilizing can be likened to the growth process it takes while you are editing and reediting the article until it reaches the final draft. On Farmville, the fertilizing is done with the help of our neighbors. This to me is likened to all the members here at Info Barrel. We should draw on our neighbors here at Info Barrel for good information regarding learning how to increase our income. There is a wealth of information we can use as resources as well as the InfoBarrelUniversity.

Harvesting the crop is what brings in the coins in Farmville just as at Info Barrel as we continue to write articles, consistently, we see the biggest harvest.

Although Farmville is a donation site which is a great reason to use it, you do not make real money by using it. The concept is a very good one though, as the harder you work, the more you plant and harvest, that it will bring you big benefits. Sometimes you have to wait days just to harvest your artichokes or only hours to harvest your strawberries. Just like articles, you may have to wait days, or months to see and reap the monetary benefits. Still with hard work like, writing quality articles, using key words, and taking the time to promote all your articles, you will bring in the Harvest and reap wonderful revenue that was worth all that hard work.