InfoBarrel ( is a crowd sourced information site based in Vancouver, BC that allows average people to become writers and earn money five different ways. It is one of the better opportunities to make money online today that does not require technical skills. The goal of Infobarrel is to create residual income that continues for months and years to come even when you are not working to build that income actively anymore.

To participate in revenue sharing, you only need a free Infobarrel account and free accounts with the various advertisers that work with Infobarrel. Your success is completely dependent on your efforts.

InfoBarrel Growth

The site has grown immensely. The Infobarrel blog recently published these impressive growth numbers:

End of 1st Year in Business:

Alexa ranking: Roughly 60K (global)
Published Articles: 4341
Articles per day average: 56.61
Writers: 2497

End of 2nd Year in Business:

Alexa ranking: 7342 (global)
Published Articles: 35,200+
Articles per day average: 130+
Writers: 19775+

Being part of a popular growing site is really good for earning potential. A growing site means more traffic, more links, and more ad clicks.

Infobarrel (33034)

Country Restrictions

Signing up for Info Barrel is free and unlike some revenue sharing websites, there are no restrictions limiting what country the Info Barrel member is from. The only payout restrictions are those imposed by the various advertising services that Info Barrel uses - for example Google Adsense will not send payment to selected countries or in selected currencies.

InfoBarrel Quality keeps the quality standard high through several methods. Writers are required to write in good English and must submit only original work. Articles are manually screened for quality until the writer proves themselves and becomes pre-approved. There is a rating system and flagging system that allows other members to flag poor quality articles. The site also allows selected writers to edit other's work, fixing minor grammar and spelling issues. These systems combine to benefit all writers at Infobarrel because they give the site a professional feel and keep out junk.

How Infobarrel Shares Revenue with Writers

Writer members can earn from 5 distinct revenue streams at Infobarrel. These are:

1. Google Adsense sharing, paid directly by Google to the writer. Infobarrel inserts the Adsense code in each article a member publishes, between 75 and 90% of the time. The actual percent depends on the activity level of the member and sometimes on the results of contests.

2. Amazon Affiliates revenue. Infobarrel inserts the member's Amazon account code if the member chooses to display Amazon ads.

3. Chitika Ad Revenue, when the member inserts their Chitika ID into Infobarrel.

4. Affiliate links where the member keeps all earnings, when tastefully done and supported by relevant content.

5. Referring new members nets the person who went to the trouble to share about infobarrel a tiny 2% of the Adsense revenue, paid out of the website's part of the revenue share. There is no loss to you to use an affiliate link to sign up, but the writer who helped you find IB gets a little benefit. For the site it helps get the word out about the site without having to pay for ads. Once you are a member you too can help find more writers and earn a little bonus on their future efforts.

The Infobarrel Secret

To make decent money on requires combining:

1. Quantity of Articles. Just a few articles will earn only a little money, but more articles will earn a lot of money.

2. Quality of Articles. Well written, well researched articles encourage the reader to stick around and read rather than clicking the back button. If the reader sticks around they will need to go elsewhere after reading, and just might click on an ad or affiliate link.

3. Good Topics. Some topics are far more profitable topics than others because they attract higher value ads and/or they attract more readers.

Simple Page Rank ModelCredit: Wikipedia Creative Commons4. Good Keywords. Use the Google Adsense Keyword Tool or other third party keyword tool to find the right phrases that people are searching for but that do not have much competition. This article can not fully discuss keyword strategy, but please go learn about keywords

5. Backlinking. Infobarrel does a great job of creating internal links to different articles but you will want to build some links to your articles internally on the site and from external sources (backlinks in SEO terms). If you do not understand backlinks find out what a backlink is now.

6. Promotion. Posting links tastefully to social networking sites, forums you are a member of, and on your blog will help bring traffic to your Infobarrel articles. This promotion effort can really help your work get noticed.

Next Steps

Infobarrel also has a motivational achievement badge and point system.

If you are serious about making money online than go ahead and Join Infobarrel (referral link). There is no time like the present to get started.