Different Owners. I have watched many videos and read a lot of information on Ryan Mckinzie and he is truly a great guy. I have been wrong in the past, but the steps he has taken would reflect that he cares a lot about his writers.

High profit-sharing model. Ehow was very secret about how much exactly its writers made, Infobarrel tells you exactly how much of the cut you get. The percentage weighs heavily in the favor of the writers.

Charity articles. This is another example of what type of owner Ryan is, he clearly cares about helping other people and the charity articles are a great example of the difference between eHow and Infobarrel and why it's unlikely Infobarrel will repeat the same patterns.

Different site layout. The new and edgy site layout suggests that Ryan cares about the success of his website and even that made an obvious difference in earnings.

Writer tools. This is yet another example of how Ryan has made it easier for writers to spell check articles and the obvious convenience suggest that he truly cares about the experience of his writers.

Referral bonus program. Infobarrel allows you to earn 2% of your referrals lifetime earnings, which means you want to do something besides write, you can sign up here and then see how many people you can get to do the work for you.