Interior French doors are probably the most aesthetic accessories you can use to separate two rooms from your house or to create two different areas of the same, large room. Characteristic for interior French doors ate the glass panels, disposed on the full length or almost the full length of the doors. Also, those doors are made of two or four separate segments that can fold, allowing you to open them very widely. Those doors are almost like a transparent wall that you can retract in a matter of seconds. The fact that they let the light through and they have an elegant, old school look makes them everyone’s favorites.

 Modify The Look Of Your Home With Interior French Doors

This type of doors can dramatically change the look of your home, making it warm and elegant. The most beautiful doors are the ones made of wood. You can paint the wood with oil paint, in different colors, or you can simply varnish it, keeping its natural look. Another great idea is to use colored pieces of glass for the glass panels. This way, you will bring a warm, mysterious light inside your house. When the sun will go through the colored glass, you will feel like living inside a rainbow. A nice touch to interior French doors is to give them an antique look. You can accomplish it rather easy. All you need are two types of paint, one lighter and one darker. White and blue, for example, are a great combination. First of all, you need to decide if you want the base color or the second layer to be lighter. You can go either way. Apply the base color first and allow it to dry. Then, take some oily substance (cooking oil is perfect) and apply it on the paint, but not on the entire surface. Just go over the door with an oily cloth, making sure you leave some areas grease free. Then, it’s the time to apply the second layer of paint and allow it to dry also. Leave the door for 12 hours then start peeling the paint. You’ll see that, on the oily areas, the second layer of comes off very easily and your doors look like they were installed in that place a hundred years ago. To keep the spirit of antique doors, you should also look from distorted glass. Perfectly transparent glass, without any flaws, is a rather contemporary item.

 Use Your Space To The Maximum With Interior French Doors

Interior French doors can help you exploit the interior space at maximum. Take any room of your house: kitchen, living room, even a larger bedroom. You can install them on any of those parts of the house and you’ll create a brand new space. If you have a large bedroom, but two of your children have to share it, an interior French door will keep your from a lot of trouble. You can divide the room in two with their help, and the children will enjoy privacy. Because they have a lot of glass panels, the doors will allow the light to pass, which means you don’t have to worry about where the windows are. Even if one half of the room doesn’t have its own window, it will still have plenty of natural light. Also, when needed, you can completely fold the doors, transforming the two rooms back into a single one. Interior French doors also make spectacular bathroom doors, if your bedroom has its own bath.

When it comes to kitchen or living room, you can also use interior French doors to create many interesting areas. For example, if you don’t have a dining room, but your kitchen or living room are larger then average, you can use this type of doors to create a dining space. When you have company over and you want them to feel nice and cozy, you simply close the doors, for intimacy. But, when you have to walk around a lot with plates and drinks, all you have to do is open them. In a large living room, interior French doors can also be used to create a special, tranquil corner, which you and your family members can use to read or relax.

No matter how you decide to use interior French doors, you need to know they make a great addition to any house and they will increase he value of your property.