Why Internet Troll and Hating Women Bloggers Are Good for Business

If you don’t know what internet troll is, you need to educate yourself. If you don’t know what women bloggers are, you will be forgiven for leading a blissful ignorant existence. For the rest who have nothing better to do with their time and who will rather surf the internet all day instead of doing something beneficial, you can read further about this intellectual exercise.

According to Wikipedia, an Internet troll is a low life who spends most of his time online hating on others. This same moron also thrives on going off on a tangent and talking about irrelevant issues. An internet troll is often a coward with personality disorder who spends most of his time in his mother’s basement watching questionable movies. These breeds are often breastfed until they are 25 and are mostly male.

That is not exactly how Wikipedia described an internet troll but the idea is similar.

What is the definition of a woman blogger?  That is someone with feelings and better human communication skills who loves to connect with others verbally. They can be easily identified by visiting mummy blogs, feminist blogs, food blogs, beauty blogs, fat blogs, plus size blogs and many more. These women bloggers are often over looked when it comes to serious writing because writing is dominated by testosterone. Some say that women bloggers can’t handle what it takes to compete in a man’s world. There are political bloggers as well but they are of a different breed. Don’t waste too much brain cell on that last comment.

That is of course moving away from the topic of today. Why internet troll and hating women bloggers are good for business.

Why Good for Business

Often when a female writer or blogger talks about controversial topics, like sports, there are those half-retarded sports fan who will love nothing but have a go at her. By the way, how many sports female reporters do you know that are not babes? It will take a bit of intellectual analysis to understand what that question is about.

The same punishment goes for women writing about fashion and motherhood. There seem to be nothing women bloggers can do right to appease the egos of internet trollers. There are also women who tend to court controversy by indirectly hoping for adulterated comments. If you want to see an example of such women writers, you can do a little search about LIZ JONES (all in capital because she got enough egos to go along with her personality) a columnist for the DailyMail. She seems to have a hate and love relation with her audience and she seems to get her fair share of hate and sexist comments. The irony is that most of those who loath her keep coming back for more of her so called online drivel (these insane internet trollers tend to live on the fringe of anything she writes). Liz Jones once wrote about how she tried to steal sperm from her boy friend in order to get pregnant without his knowledge. Is that deceitful? Well, it doesn’t matter because it got a lot of readers into a commenting frenzy. It is funny that even her most uninspiring posts get comments. This hate seems to be paying her bills and keeping her relevant. This shows that not all female bloggers hate half baked comments from internet low lives.

Dooce aka Heather B Amstrong is another famous woman blogger who lost her job because of the internet and has a lot of female following and a lot of confused male followers. She is a compelling writer and has had her share of hate. When you make a living from your blog, you can’t just give it all up just because some emasculated idiot can’t live without you. This prolific writer coined a phrase –milking the hate- with regards to the online hate and sexist comments she gets. She has been in the blogging business for a few years and probably pays someone to filter her comments.

The Guardian newspaper is not protecting its female writers from internet abuse. An article that featured on the Guardian newspaper with the following heading “Women bloggers call for a stop to 'hateful' trolling by misogynist men” is an interesting piece that shows why hating of women and misogynistic trolls are good for business. A female writer by the name of Laurie Penny said that she gets regular threats and hate comments from readers. Some make crude comments that will make even the hardcore blush. Another writer mentioned in the article is Linda Grant who mentioned the tolerance of threatening comments. If you are a woman, you are somehow gagging for it (if you don’t understand what that means, you need to raise your IQ or take a lesson from Lady Gaga). The question is, who are the ones tolerating these threats?

When Business Comes before Personal Safety

You can easily hire a moderator to filter all comments and apply a zero tolerance policy of deleting offending accounts. The problem with this is that it can be counter-productive. There are a lot of readers who enjoy reading comments rather than read the main article. The more heated the debate and comments below an article, the more hits you will likely get. This of course means traffic and advertising cash. That is despicable, but when money is at stake, some editors will even sell their mothers to the lowest bidders without qualms.

Online bullying is tolerated by a lot of website management team because it brings in money and it is good for business. How many times have you heard about people making fun of, or, outright bullying of people in distress on sites like Youtube, Facebook and Twitter? Apparently a young lad committed suicide last year because of cyber bullying about is sexuality. Why didn’t these sites do something about it? Because cyber bullying and internet troll are good for business.

Can You Do something about it?

There is no real desire to stop a money making venture like this. Some blogger have even resorted to milking the hate by publish except of their blogs and dealing with it as best as they can. If you find it tiring and emotionally difficult to deal with, you can hire someone to moderate your comments. That is the price to pay for sanity for those who are deeply affected by the constant barrage of abuse. If you are the type that loves self flagellation; you can just carry on as usual.