Why Irresponsible Travel and Eco-tourism Are Good for Business

Very few can remember the good old days when paid holidays was a luxury that only those without jobs could afford. Many people didn’t know there was a world with a lot of fascinating things to discover. In those days, if you were intellectually inclined, you would read a book. If you preferred visual stimulation, you would check out your neighbor’s wife. If you were not interested in any of the two things mentioned previously, you would be in a mental institution. Life was easy and predictable. Your local church was the center of life, wedding, birth, death and entertainment. Those days are long gone and replaced by the attention deficient twitter generation that thinks “LOL” is the greatest and most intellectually challenging word in the dictionary.

Irresponsible travel is fascinating to define. You need to look at it from the view point of the traveler who doesn’t care about your opinion. These are the type of people who suffer from ADHD, which is like saying you can’t stand still and you have to be in constant motion. You pretend you need to have an important trans-Atlantic meeting. The real reason is because you want to top up your Air miles and show how efficient you are. You could have also tried video conferencing but the jetlag wouldn’t have been the same.

Irresponsible travel is also about going on an “around the world trip” meeting people and learning new things when you could do the same living in your mother’s basement in New York or London and having tons of friends on Facebook. They can send you pictures of their countries and you can “read all about it” on Wikipedia. It is not the same you may say but, that is how people did it before they had a lot of time to waste.

Hiring a car at the Airport instead of using public transportation is a sign of irresponsible travel (is it really?). Have you noticed how many flights are scheduled at ungodly hours that you will either have to take a sleeping bag along or sleep between the security check counter and the duty free shops. It is very inconvenient to use public transport where you can get assaulted, violated or even killed. That is of course much better than being an irresponsible traveler polluting the environment.

What is eco-tourism? That is when you pretend you care about the planet and you want to save the world. You fly economy because you have been made to believe it is good for the environment but the truth is you would jump and accept and upgrade to business class. Oh! You can’t afford business class so you hide behind green living. Eco-travel is also when you would like to get away from the freezing winter months by enjoying a few months in an exotic island sipping cocktails and admiring the natural beauties. Oh! You can’t afford that so you choose eco-travel by visiting your local tanning salon for a few hours of cancer inducing therapy.

Eco-travel and Medicated Solution

Some people think that all international travel contributes to global warming and we should only be allowed to travel once a year on a one-way ticket (you can’t send back illegal immigrants either). There are also those who say that car rentals contribute to global warming and everyone should start walking. That sounds good but let the preachers be the one to throw the first stone. What about making it impossible for people to have more than one car? Sure that will really help the economy and make the world a better place. What about going on vacation to a nice 5 star hotel with only a comfortable mattress and shared bathroom? That sounds like a youth hostel doesn’t it? Most hotels will go out of business because people want a comfortable surrounding that is different from what they’ve got a home. By the way, bag packing is likely one of the best ways to enjoy eco-travel and eco-tourism but they are only popular because those who engage in this form of tourism are on a budget(cheap morons!). If you were to give anyone of them a nice credit card with no limit, you will be surprised by how quickly even the most devoted advocate of eco-travel will change his mind and start “living la vida loca”.

Why Good for Business

Think about any holiday destination either national or international for a minute. There are thousands of people whose daily existence depend on you booking that vacation for one or for two.

  • The website manager who needs to constantly update the site with deals,
  • The public transport driver who takes you to  and from the airport. If you drive to the airport, the gas or petrol station will get a cut of your money and you will also need to pay for parking.
  • The airport authority and the little perverts who get their only sexual gratification from patting you down in the name of national security (it’s a paid position). Don’t hate the messenger because you know it is a difficult job but you would likely do it with joy and enthusiasm if you were paid.
  • Those duty free shops dotted along the terminals to help you spend your cash
  • Someone has to take care of the plane, pay the pilots (you don’t want an angry pilot flying your plane), cook the disgusting substance they call food (flying economy), ogle the air hostesses, etc.

On the other side (destination), the story is repeated backwards until you get to your nice plush hotel room which is good for business because you will need to tip someone and eat at the local restaurant. When something goes wrong, and you get kidnapped or worst still you lose your wallet, you will need to deal with the insurance company and get all worked up trying to get your money and ID back.

When you visit tourist attractions and buy that lovely t-shirt “I Love eco-tourism but you don’t know it”, you are actually going against your own creed.  That said, it doesn’t matter because it is good for business. When you go out for a nice little meal at the local restaurants, you are contributing to business and they love you for it because they can charge your ignorant tourist” self” double the price locals pay.

What if you travel to a place like Costa Rica and you visit Tortuguero in Limon or other wide life spotting locations, you will often have to travel by boat(bad for eco-travel). You can also opt to swim the alligator infested waters just to see how green that will be. By the way, these are paid boat trips and that is definitely good for someone’s business.

Eco-travel and eco-tourism are an interesting concept that everyone agrees with but very few are willing to make the sacrifices required. Irresponsible travel is a point of view that depends heavily on interpretation.