Are Facebook Likes Important?

Why Are Facebook Likes Important?

Facebook is a huge site, and people spend more time there than on any other site in the world, by an almost ten to one difference. 

If you compare the amount of time people spend on Google or You Tube to the amount of hours Facebook users spend as a group, there is no comparison. 

Perhaps it is just because people stay logged in to the site on their desktop computers, even if they are not actually doing anything. I know that's what I do. 

Still, you can't deny the importance of being on the largest site in the world and having a page that can be found. 

Many business owners or website owners who want to promote themselves on Facebook will make a page that is just the name of their business, or even their own name. 

That's all very well if your name or company name has exact match search volume, but what happens if you make the page, and nobody is visiting it at all?

That's obvious, you either pay through the teeth through Facebook Ads, or you try a completely different approach. 

If you can't afford paid advertising, and you don't run a site that is already getting thousands of unique visitors a day, you might consider making multiple Facebook pages aimed at keyword phrases that have exact match search volume. 

If your business was about Facebook marketing, then you might make a page that was titled "marketing" if you want a challenge. 

How you would get that keyword phrase to rank in any search at all in the world is through getting tons of likes for that page, in combination with a good back linking and cross linking campaign. 

You need likes on the posts on the wall, you need likes on the page, on the photos, shares, comments, you need other relevant pages liking yours, it needs back links so that it has a good page rank. 

These are all ways to beat the Edgerank algorithms, which are similar to the algorithms that Google uses to rank pages, but on Facebook. 

Facebook is a PR 9 site, which means that if you can get some do follow cross links from high page rank, relevant pages within the site as well as a good external link profile, you can rank a Facebook page as highly as any other page. 

What I mean by that is that you have a better chance of ranking a sub page of a PR 9 site on the first page of Google than you do of ranking the home page of a PR 3 site, so long as you know how to make your page look really important on that site. 

So, does it help you to have likes on your Facebook page? Absolutely yes, it does. It depends on whether you want to put in all your effort into ranking your Facebook page instead of your website, but the process is easier to rank a Facebook page than it is to rank a normal website, or a You Tube video, or anything else. 

I would probably rather rank my website, or a video than my Facebook page, but I am happy that I am reaching into some searches I might not have otherwise ranked in if I hadn't made one, and Facebook is the number one referrer of traffic to my site, based on my stats. 

Likes On Your Facebook Page
Credit: Renae Smith