DNA is made up of four chemical bases of which are Adenine, Cytosine, Guanine and Thymine. The bases are combined into pairs like cytosine with guanine or adenine with thymine. The pairs then make up the DNA ladder. Every base pair is one of about three billion pairs working together to provide instructions to build and maintain the human being or the human genome. DNA sequence is comprised of the exact order the base pairs are combined. DNA and DNA extraction is used for many different things such as physical evidence for trials or for identification purposes of either various animals or birds and reptiles and for human identification also. DNA purification is used to make the DNA purer.

Biology Reasons

DNA isolation is one way to collect it for molecular reasons. You can do this using DNA extraction or going further DNA purification. Using DNA by extracting it the lab can test a newborn child for any potential or even current genetic disorders. It is used for molecular biology to help understand the interaction of all systems that have DNA as a basis.

Other DNA Extraction Reasons

Someone would perform DNA extraction, or extraccion de adn in Spanish, if they were going to make a small bit of DNA that was extracted into a larger bit so it could be studied or examined easier. DNA is extracted so that people studying it or examining it can make it into something else or in other words perform some form of mutation so that they can see just how and where the original DNA may be going or heading to or changing into. Also DNA is often probed by people examining it or by scientists in order to understand the known or perhaps even going so far as to understand where the unknown sequences may be going. Also they are broken down into littler bits for better analysis.

Criminal Reasons For DNA Extraction

Some of the criminal reasons for DNA extraction are to find mass graves. DNA purification is used to make sure the original is pure with no random or stray particles.  It may be used to find buried evidence or locate items unintentionally left behind at a crime scene. It can also be used to detect a time of death.

Basics Of Extraction And Purification

DNA extraction is performed for various reasons but every time DNA is extracted it has to go through three steps and there may be a couple more also but only three are absolutely necessary. These three steps of extraction of DNA are breaking open the cells, removing the lipids and third going through a process whereby the DNA is aggregated into pellets for easier identification and methodology. DNA purification, or purificacion de adn in Spanish, is necessary because often the DNA samples are very small. These are often fragments and fragments may be very difficult to analyze so something else is required and this something else is purification of the DNA bits. So when it is extracted the people studying it will use it as a template and basically copy it in a scientific manner.