Why is everybody gay?

Do you have the feeling now that being gay is fashionable to some extent? The irony is that there are so many people who are not gay but will openly confess to be gay. There was a guy who worked in a women's lingerie shop and behaved and let customers believe he was gay. The result of his behavior was quite interesting. Women trusted him more with their asset has they feel that he will not have any sexual advantage from staring. Scarlett Johansson once allowed a gay guy to grope her assets and all of a suddenly a lot of men wanted to be gay. That is just because they feel being gay will get them closer to more women.

Why is everybody gay? – Celebrity effect

The fact that celebrities rule the world makes it interesting to see people advocate the gay lifestyle. At times some celebrities spread rumors about themselves. The rumors are meant to get a buzz on the internet and make Z-Listers become famous for a day. There are other celebrities who admit to being gay because their fame has dwindled. For example, Ricky Martin denied that he was gay for many years and all of a sudden he confessed to being gay. Some felt that was old news and he was only revealing the fact that he is gay because he was plugging a new album. Whatever the reason for Ricky Martin admitting he was gay just makes some wonder and ask the question, why is everybody gay?

Why is everybody gay? – Politicians

It has often being said that those who cry out loud against gays are homosexuals. There was the case of Roy Ashburn who was a Senator or California and was very outspoken against gays. It was later discovered that he was homosexual. Depending on where you live, being gay can either enhance your political career or kill it. That is why some will either say they are gay when they are not and others will say they are not gay when they are.

Why is everybody gay? – Justin Bieber

There are rumors and talk about Justin Bieber being gay. Well, if Justin Bieber is gay, that will mean losing a lot of fan base. Most of Justin Bieber fans are teenage girls and they will kill to get close to their idol. The fact is that Justin Bieber is loving up the attention and any publicity is good for business and the Justin Bieber brand. At the moment, Justin Bieber gay admission will be unthinkable. There are those who also claim that Justin Bieber is gay because he's got a cute face and does not have a steady girlfriend. Well, Justin Bieber is still young and how many teenagers of his age have a steady girlfriend? By the way, most of the really dedicated Justin Bieber fans will not believe that he is gay. That is because they don't really care about your opinion of Justin Bieber. Will there ever come a time when Justin Bieber will say that he is gay? If you are to go by Ricky Martin's record, you will have to wait a long time. At the moment Justin Bieber is in his prime and life is good.

Why is everybody gay? – Fashionable

There are so many people who will confess to be gay either true or not just because it is fashionable. There are those who love to hang out in gay bars just for the fun of it. There is also the confusion at the moment with everybody being gay and the metrosexual world. The current trend is to be fashionable and to be a celebrity. If being gay is fashionable where you live, there are those who might want to take advantage of that and say they are gay. Most men will probably confess to being gay if they can get to go out with Scarlett Johansson. There are also those who will openly confess to be gay if they can get a job in a women lingerie shop. Why is everybody gay? The answer is simple; everybody is gay only when there is an advantage.