Why is it hard to quit smoking? Though some people would have you think that success rates are quite high, the real figure is closer to around a mere 1 or 2 per cent.

This is because published success rates are usually quoted over a 6 month time horizon. Isn't it strange that cancer survival (and survival for other diseases too) is usually quoted over a more meaningful 5 year time horizon but smoking cessation success is done for a mere 6 months? I mean, it's not like you would want to quit smoking for only 6 months, is it?

The reason for this is because it makes the common smoking cessation methods look more successful than they really are.

Let's find out why it really is so hard to quit smoking.

Addictions Are Tough To Beat With Willpower

The reality is that most addictions are unfortunately never overcome. This is because most quitting methods involve some form of willpower and the addict never really loses their desire for their addictive substance, cigarettes included.

Look at methods like patches and gum. They purport to help you quit smoking but they never take away your apparent desire to give up nicotine.

So How Can You Quit Smoking?

I quit smoking myself and I now realise just how corrupt most of the smoking cessation industry is.

If you really want to stop and without any willpower and also never crave a cigarette again then I recommend you use the Allen Carr method. This guy used to smoke 60 cigarettes a day but figured out how to quit without any willpower whatsoever and thousands of others (me included) have used his techniques with great success.

If you are skeptical then it is your addiction talking to you right now. I strongly recommend that you look after number one first (you) and your addiction second. Take a chance and check out Allen Carr's books because they will really help you. He even offers quit smoking courses around the world where you get a refund if you don't successfully quit. Despite this incredible guarantee of success, many smokers let their addictions stop them from pursuing this win-win opportunity.

Trust me, don't let this opportunity slip you by. Check out the Allen Carr method and you too can become an ex-smoker. I personally read his second book, "Only Way", but I have also heard great things about the original book named "Easy Way". Come on now, no more excuses. You know what you have to do.