You are alone in the elevator with the attractive new Human Resource Specialist from the down the hall.  You have the finite time limit of a 12-story elevator ride to woe her with your charm and wit.  You are just about to utter one of your famous one liners when disaster strikes.  An itch on the scalp that is screaming for attention.  You reach up and viciously scrape your fingernails through your hair. Ah.  Much better.  You turn your attention back to your fellow elevator passenger, but one look tells you that you're toast.  She has the look of a woman who was just salivated on by a flea-infested canine. Darn it.  Another opportunity lost to the insidious itchy scalp syndrome.  

Having an itchy head can not only be annoying, it can also be a love breaker, career stunter, and a social killer.  The number one cause of an itchy head is a dry scalp.  Your hairs create natutural oils that keep your nogan moist.  Shampooing your hair removes many of those oils.  Often, a simple conditionair will re-moisturize your scalp and subdue the irritation.

Dandruff is another cause of an itchy scalp.  Over half of all population suffers from dandruff at some point in their life.  It most common in pubescent adults.  Dandruff is the shedding of dead skin cells.  Although, a small amount of shedding is normal, people with dandruff suffer from a dramatic increase in flaking.  

The severity of dandruff is dependent on several factors.  It often worsens in the winter months. Although there is no certified "cure" for  dandruff, there are several effective manners of treating it.  There are a plethora of home remedies such lime juice, aloe vergal gel, and tee tree oil.  The easiest and most effective treatment is a shampoo designed for treating dandruff.  There are a variety of brands that can be purshased at your local grocery store.  

There are several types of rashes that may cause your scalp to itch.  Have a friend examine your head for redness, raised bumps, or any irregularities in the skin color or quality.  If your friend thinks you may have a rash, you should seek out a professional diagnostic.  In the mean time, try these tips to help the rash heal - avoid scubbing the scalp, Use as little soap as possible, avoid unnessecary creams and ointments, pat dry your hair, eliminate the use of any new shampoos or hair products.  

Another potential culprit of an itchy head may be psoriasis.  Psoriasis is a common skin condition that often results in red skin with flaky white patches called scales.  If you have psoriasis it likely shows up on other parts of your body besides your head.  It may develop slowly over time or appear suddenly in a matter of days.

Although not contagious, psoriasis is a somewhat serious condition.  It should be examined by a medical proffesionaly in order to rule other serious possibilities such as cancer.  Once diagnosed, Doctors can treat psoriasis with either topical or oral treatments.