As an individual looking for a place to live in Auburn, Califonia, you are probably wondering about the advantages of buying into Auburn CA Real Estate instead of renting. There are certainly advantages and disadvantages of buying instead renting. For instance, many renters will repair damages, maintain the property, and when you are ready to leave, all you have to do is pack up and move out. However, for the simple investment of a few years' time and taking out a loan, you can purchase a fantastic investment that will constantly grow in value, grant tax benefits, and afford you your very own customizable and private living space.

Owning a home has long been the pinnacle achievement within the American Dream; a home grants its owner senses of pride, personal satisfaction, and security. In addition, a home owner has the freedom to change and modify their living space in any way possible, an act that would be criminally punishable for a renter. With this in mind it would quite nearly be a crime to pass up the fantastic home ownership opportunities in beautiful Auburn CA Real Estate.

auburn ca real estateThe sense of accomplishment that comes with buying a home is great, but the financial benefits are the usually the true motivation for the purchase. In fact, most financial experts recommend that anyone who is planning to live in the same area for one year or more should buy a house. What's more, surveys have shown that home owners from all income brackets are usually worth between six to thirty times more that their renter counterparts.

The most discussed financial advantage of buying a home is termed real estate appreciation, or more simply, appreciation. Appreciation is the increase in property value over time principally due to inflation; but factors such as supply and demand can play a role as well. Real estate is one of very few ways that an individual can use inflation, and therefore appreciation, to earn a profit. This is possible because homes are purchased in lump sums of money. The home then acts as a sort of time capsule so that when the house is sold it will earn the current market value, which, after inflation, is very, very rarely less than the purchased value and almost always significantly more.

Another highly touted benefit of buying a home is the fact that mortgage payments double as housing payments and investments. For renters, a monthly housing payment is simply money that they will never see again in order to have a place to live. On the other hand, when a home owner makes a mortgage payment that money will not only secure their living space but will automatically become subject to appreciation. In reality the home owner is not making a true "payment" for a service rendered, but investing into the home which will pay off later. This means that the true difference between the renter and the buyer is that the buyer will see those payments for Auburn CA Real Estate in their bank account again someday.

auburn real estateStability is another perk offered to home owners. Renters often find themselves the victims of landlords who decide to increase the rent price or associated fees. A home owner in Auburn CA Real Estate will never have a problem with this due to the fact that mortgages are paid in monthly, unchanging amounts for time spans as long as thirty years. The mortgage payment will never go up, but there are many options available for individuals who would like to lower the payment.

The last, but far from least, financial advantage of ownership are the tax benefits. The federal government offers a couple lucrative tax breaks for home owners. The first of these is the free deductions granted to home owners. The deductions are based on income brackets and can result in some formidable savings. Next is the deduction granted to first time home owners; you are eligible for this deduction which can be as much as 10% of the total price of the home purchased. Lastly, you only have to pay taxes on your purchase once. This is done on the initial purchase only, which means that when your house is sold you will pay no taxes on the profit earned.

Auburn CA Real Estate has much to offer for the potential buyer, and the advantages of accepting these offers are both many and rewarding. Home owners enjoy the pride, privacy and pleasure of owning property. They also retain the option to customize their home in any way they like with no fear of financial or legal repercussions. All of this is offered for a financial price that will begin earning money as soon as it is paid. If you are planning to live in Auburn CA for a year or more then you should have a serious look as Auburn CA Real Estate.