You have probably come across this situation: You go to a box store to purchase a material that is less than what you saw in a supply store. You find a short time later that your material broke easily or has some sort of defect and plans on returning it from the store where you purchased the material from. You will learn that this can be problematic as you know that the customer help desk is often facing daily complaints and most of the time you will be dealing with a long lineup. When you have finally reached your turn, the employee behind the task tells you that returning the product will not be likely.

Then instead of replacing what was broken, you are offered a credit instead. But you do not give up. So you call the customer service line only to be greeted with a robotic voice that tells you the same thing over and over again. And you later you realize that you have wasted your money on a product that not only is defective but with a very poor customer service.

There is a very big difference that you will notice between a small business and a big store chain. First off, servicing the customer is a number one priority. A small business is willing to help and it usually ends with a trusting and long lasting relationship with customers. You will often end up knowing their names and a lot more about them. A small business is all about caring for their customers unlike a big store that caters to hundreds of customers whose employees only care of getting the job done.

A small store, on the other hand is all about making it count and being proud of the products and services they offer. A small store fares way better than a store chain since owners and employees there very knowledgeable and will go far to assist with you with any inquiries. They would even go as far as recommending you to products and services that they think will work for you.

A lot of small businesses would follow up and see if the service or product you purchase is working as expected. When there are problems, business owners would not hesitate to give you a helping hand. Having a small scale business is actually a good thing for the economy. This is particularly important if you are supporting your locality hence making your local economy productive.

A study shows that people who buy from small scale businesses is actually contributing to the growth of the local economy. As such you are not only supporting your locality but to your country as well. Bigger demand for products and services generates more jobs and a strong economy in the local sector. The increase in demand for local products and services is a good investment to the community which results to higher earnings and a less likelihood of store closures.

Many large store chains tend to buy a large volume of products from China and other countries. Often times, the products that are supplied to the stores are cheap but in most cases in low quality. On the other hand, small scale businesses work better since owners are constantly looking for high quality materials that are in high quality and durable.