Here's my own personal story that illustrates beautifully why it's so important to face your insecurities and take action to fix them. When I was younger, I was really insecure about my body and I was also insecure about the fact that I couldn't dance. For years, I avoided any and all situations that required me to take my shirt off or that required me to dance. This went on for years and years... until one day I just couldn't get away with hiding these insecurities from other people anymore.

What happened is that I was faced with a situation where I would be forced to both take off my shirt and also dance in public IN FRONT OF OTHER PEOPLE. I freaked out and I just decided to not go to that weekend ski trip at all so I wouldn't have to face my fears related to my insecurities. I stayed home alone in my basement and missed out on a great weekend. This actually led to other things too. Before you knew it, I was avoiding any kind of situation that required me to face these insecurities.

Also, I ended up completely isolating myself from everyone else just so I could avoid any and all pain associated to my insecurities. These are just 2 examples of some of the insecurities I avoided for years. I lost a lot of friends as I completely isolated myself. A lot of great friends... I also kept people at a distance at all times for this same reason.

I think it would have been way better for me to just take responsibility for my insecurities and take action to improve my situation. For example, when it came to my body image, I should have started weight training and doing some cardio to get back in shape...

The next thing I should have done was take a dancing class so I could get rid of that insecurity once and for all. You see, if you face your insecurities head on instead of brushing them under the carpet, you'll end up a lot happier and a lot more successful. Your confidence will soar.

Whatever your insecurity is, you need to face it. It's like a fear that's limiting you and you need to overcome it. One thing I just thought of that I learned today in a video by T. Harv Eker is that you need to do things in life that make you uncomfortable. In other words, you need to get out of your comfort zone as often as possible. Because this is the only way you'll grow into a better and stronger person. If you're not growing according to T. Harv Eker, you're dying. So face your insecurities, face your fears, and become a better version of you.

It's like the slogan for the marines. Be all that you can be. That's exactly my point. You cannot become the best version of yourself unless you are facing your insecurities head on and getting out of your comfort zone on a consistent basis.

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