Because everyone else is hating!

MyGlam? Huh?

For newbies, MyGlam sends beauty samples to subscribers for just $10 a month. The company includes four to five deluxe samples of everything from eyeshadows to moisturizers to hair serums. Sounds like fun, right? Because it is! 

I wanted to share what's inside this month's MyGlam bag for the month of June. It is by far my most favorite bag out of the three I've already received!

Let's get started!


1. Philosophy - take a deep breath oil-free energizing oxygen gel cream moisturizer

This was my favorite sample out of the bag. I’ve been searching for a moisturizer that was good to wear during the day and night, and this, my friends, is it. The texture is very much so like a gel cream-ish kinda thing. It’s unscented (unless my nose was playing tricks on me), extremely lightweight, and absolutely oil-free!!

2. NYX - round lipstick in the color "Saturn"

This is beautiful shade of red! I don’t usually wear red lipstick (okay, I take that back. I never wear red lipstick), but if I had to, I’d turn to this shade! I’ve never tried NYX lipsticks before and I’m so glad MyGlam included this in the bag! The texture is light and creamy and does NOT have a funky smell (think old school drugstore lipsticks. Eew.).

3. Marbella - permanent eyeliner pen

 I initially thought this eyeliner was FANTASTIC because of the staying power and smudge-proof formula! To make a long story short, this eyeliner would NOT come off at the end of the day! I soaked a cotton ball in eye makeup remover and held it to my eyelid a bit longer than usual and it wouldn’t come off! It was as if I used a black Sharpie marker to draw my eyeliner in! To give it credit, though, it came off about an hour after I showered. But STILL! Otherwise, I loved the fine felt-tip applicator and how smooth this liner glides on. Would I wear it again? Probably not. But it would be a great tool to draw a moustache on an unsuspecting guest sleeping over!

4. Living Proof - frizz nourishing styling cream

Ahh, the thought of frizz-free hair makes me feel all warm and cozy inside.

If only I’d use it for styling!

I placed in this in my freshly washed, towel-dried hair and went to bed (because I normally go to bed with wet hair. Don’t judge me.). Although my hair was not frizz-free, it was quite soft and wavy (as my natural curls are). I’m not too fond of the scent, though. It took me a while to describe the scent to put into words, and this is what I came up with: light mint mixed with dirt. Or, to put it nicely, it has “earthy scents” whatever that means!

And so, my friends, those were the products that were in this month’s glam bag! As for the actual bag itself, I love how it’s a clutch AND it’s very Beyonce-like-ish! It’s actually quite sturdy as it appears to have a canvas-like material on the interior. The clasp is magnetic which is also a plus. Yay for MyGlam this month!

Are you subscribed to any subscription based services? If so, what is it and what do you enjoy about it?

MyGlam Bag - June 2012