So you have some articles online but you are not sure why they are not making money like you thought they would? Every article online can make some money but there is way more to writing online than just creating content. Being an online writer now for almost 2 years I do not know it all but I have learned a few things on my journey to being a freelancer, which I love being by the way. I want to talk about keywords in this article and why that may be one reason for your low earnings when writing online.

Why are keywords so imporant when writing online? Well some of it has to do with how Google crawls your content. See the bots look through most articles to see how many keywords are in the writing that you wrote. I have read many opinions online when it comes to keywords and from what I can understand it seems you should flow your writing but make sure at some point the keyword is mentioned natrually throughout your writing. Repeating the word every sentence will not get you high in the ranks but making sure the word or words flows nicely throughout the article is really part of writing online.

Tags are part of the keywords as well. See what tags you use should go with the words you are shooting for in terms of what the article is really about. Most of us do not know this but I want to share this so we all can become better writers online so we all can make better monthly or weekly income when it comes to be a freelance writer.

There is so much more when it comes to writing online so don't think keywords are the only key to your suscess. Sharing with others and social media are so imporant as well. So if you have a myspace, or facebook be sure to share your articles there as well so you can have family and friends look at your writing online too the more views the better.

If you have time look up keywords online in some search engines and see what else you can learn about what they are and how they are used when writing online so you too can earn more when writing online. Thanks for reading this article and feel free to comment on my article.