Lasers have been used in the medical for a long time now. They are used to remove tattoos, clear up acne scars and remove dark spots on the skin's surface. Nowadays, they are also used for teeth whitening, getting rid of wrinkles and of course hair removal.

However is laser hair removal permanent? Many spas or laser hair removal providers will advertise pain-free and permanent results. The FDA is allowing manufacturers of hair laser removal equipment to use permanent hair reduction instead of removal. If your provider does offer a permanent removal, get the model number and manufacturer of the laser and call or write to the FDA to find if it has been approved for medical use.

Indeed, laser hair removal is definitely a great choice for any person who is wanting to remove unwanted hair from their bodies. In addition, it works equally well for both men and women, and seems to work better on darker skin.                                   

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So exactly how does the laser work? A laser light is passed through the skin. This light is converted into heat which is then absorbed by melanin ( a pigment found in the hair follicle). This heat destroys the follicle and thus prevents further growth of any hair. Many clinical trials have shown that hair re-growth was prevented for almost two years, thereby making laser hair removal the best and longest lasting hair removal techniques.

Laser hair removal is non-invasive and does not need any creams or needles during treatment. This is just one advantage it has over  waxing, depilatory creams, tweezing and threading. Another advantage of laser hair removal is that since a light beam is used, it can be moved easily and treat a large area in a very short time. Not to mention the long-lasting results. In addition, if you have unwanted hair that is darker by a few shades than the color of your skin, you will obtain optimal results with laser hair removal.

A rather disappointing disadvantage is that this hair removal procedure is not covered by insurance. The reason being that laser hair removal is considered a non-medical procedure. Since it is not covered by insurance is might be a good idea to look for a good and affordable price. The average cost for a single treatment can be as high as $400. Furthermore, some areas require more than one treatment to really see some results, so then the cost can add up. One can compare this cost with the cost of an alternative hair removal method to figure out the cost, which would have to been done more often.