Attached Lean to Carport Greenhouse

What is a Lean-to Greenhouse?

Lean-to greenhouses are great choices if you have limited space in your yard and want to have easy access to your garden.

  • Using the lean-to is an inexpensive option that is gaining in popularity.
  • The structure is very easy to incorporate into existing yards, because they use a wall that already there as part of their construction.

Aluminum Lean-to Green House

Features of A Lean to Greenhouse Kit

Lean-to greenhouses are very easy to recognize, because they're literally half a greenhouse, leaning on the wall of a garage, shed or house.

  • They can be attached to a wall, and they are also used inside other greenhouses or sunrooms.
  • It all depends on what kind of kit you get and how you choose to install it.

A really great feature of lean-to greenhouses is their expandability, so if you need to you can extend them easily and make it bigger.

Lean to greenhouse kits are constructed to attach easily to a structure already in existence, and they're very convenient to install near resources like water, heat sources and electricity.

Lean to Hobby Greenhouse Kit

Sunlight is very important to your plants, so make sure that you set your greenhouse up to receive it during daylight hours.

  • The side that's long should face south or southeast, and because many plants prefer diffused light, you should position your greenhouse in a spot that's shaded partially during the daylight hours.


Why a Lean-to?

Gardening is a great opportunity to appreciate life and move at a slower pace. It affords us the opportunity to relieve stress and feel peaceful. With a lean-to greenhouse, this works for both single homes and apartment dwellers who only have a balcony or small deck.

Juliana Mini Lean-to 2 Greenhouse

Final Thoughts and Tips about Lean-to Green Houses

While lean to greenhouses are easy to setup and use, they are less popular because the number of places where they can be set up is limited.

They really need to be constructed next to a wall, so an open area like a yard won't work. This causes them to be shadowed by the building they're attached to, so you must have a wall with a southern exposure in order to keep heat and light consistent.

The benefit of a greenhouse like this is it allows you to have direct access from the attached building.

  • The solar heat that is trapped in the greenhouse can be used to heat a part of the house.
  • You can also use the heat from your home to warm the greenhouse by installing a vent or window.
  • One of the biggest benefits of having a lean-to greenhouse is that it's smaller than a full-size greenhouse.
  • It does the same thing as a free standing greenhouse without the complexity and usage of space.

Lean-to Greenhouses