A question many students ask and never got a good answer. Read this article to find out why Maths is such an important subject at school.

I am sure you would have heard this question in your Maths lessons many times before.  Many of my students have asked this same question over and over again in the last 30 years of my teaching career. Here is my answer:

Maths develops certain skills that are vital in your life especially in adult life. It is not so much the content that is going to be of help in your future but the skills that you acquire over time from learning Maths. These skills will become part of you and you won't even realise that you have acquired them.


Maths trains you to be precise. Whether you are estimating or working out a complex mathematical problem, Maths gives you the practice and discipline to make sure you are accurate in your calculations. This skill is a must in many jobs.

Solving Problems:

This is another important skill in real life. Maths helps you to solve problems in a systematic way. The training you get in solving problems will come handy in your career and domestic life. There are many ways to solve a problem and through your Maths lessons you have the opportunity to explore all these different ways. 


Topics like algebra requires concentration and focus. Solving algebraic problems, for instance, will  train you to be very alert as the slightest mistake may take you to the incorrect answer. Many jobs in the real world requires people to be alert as it involves complex procedures. Mistakes made due to poor concentration or carelessness can lead to lost of lives or financial loss.

Making Decisions:

There are a lot of opportunities in Maths where you have to make decisions. This is a very useful skill especially in dealing with challenges in life. Employers prefer employees who are able to make decision and solve problems especially when you are leading a team.

Basic Numeracy Skills:

Finally, Maths equips you with basic numeracy skills that will help you manage your life better. So next time you wonder why Maths is such an important subject at school, think about all the skills you are developing through this subject.


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