Do you know why leather nursing shoes are best options for nurses in or entering the profession?  Leather nursing shoes are better than other types of shoes simple because they are easier to clean.

Nurses deal all the time with situations where cleanliness is a major issue.  Patients make extremely foul messes on occasion and it’s the job of a nurse to clean up.  Doctors do the major procedures and nurses tend to return the working environment back to a stable and sanitary zone.

White Leather Nursing Clogs - Dansko

When nurses have to deal with situations that involve bodily fluids you don’t want to deal with stains in fabrics and you don’t want to have to wonder if you are tracking dangerous germs back to your home after a long day of work.  With leather shoes nurses are more capable of cleaning up and making sure that their shoes and clothing is sanitary if and when they bringing their shoes home.

Of course many nurses keep their footwear at work and won’t bring them home.  This is fine for locker rooms but those same lockers where nursing shoes are stored every night is the same locker where you place your normal everyday shoes while you are working.  There is always the possibility that you can experience cross contamination from your locker which is why making sure your nursing footwear is as clean and sanitary as possible… even if you leave these shoes at your work in a locker.

Because leather is far less porous then other types of fabric and materials it is an ideal material to make nursing shoes out of.  Moist wipes and other types of shoe cleaners and antibacterial sanitizers can easily be applied to the surface of leather shoes to ensure they are safe and clean.  Depending on what type of nursing detail you are involved in this may be less of a concern but it is always something worth keeping in mind.

Aside from sanitary factors the best nursing shoes are usually white.  White nursing shoes make it so you can easily see if they need cleaning.  They are also usually comfortable walking shoes because nurses are on their feet a lot and for long hours.  This is especially important for those people with sensitive feet.  Many people have poor arches or have feet which simply need more cushioning or support to keep from aching.  

Leather shoes tend to be a little more stable which can lead to better support but this can also be a little stiff if poor quality leather shoes are worn.  For this reason it’s always important to pay close attention to quality especially when buying leather nursing shoes.  Leather may cost a bit more but they are usually more durable so it can be worth it to spend a bit more up front.  All said a pair of white nursing shoes made of leather and with good soles are probably the best types of nursing shoes you can buy.