Led Zeppelin are widely considered to be one of the most successful, innovative and influential rock bands in the history of music. The group has created some extremely famous and iconic rock songs and have reached true rock and roll fame. Their success varied from songs such as Stairway to Heaven, which is arguably the most well-known rock song of all time, to pieces with a more unique style such as the rain song, which depicts sad, moody and strong emotions. Led Zeppelin's success as a band is undeniable, the purpose of this article is to further explain why the band is so great. 


Jimmy Page

Page is the lead guitarist for Led Zeppelin and has achieved international fame for his incredible riffs, solos and general guitar talent. He is widely considered one of the most influential guitarists of all time and was ranked third on the Rolling Stone magazine list of the 100 greatest guitarists. Maybe one of the most impressive feats of Mr. Page is his ability to seamlessly slip between different genres of rock and still perform perfectly. For example, if you compare the guitar in songs such as Communication Breakdown, Babe I'm gonna leave you and The Rain Song, the style and playing is vastly different, yet Jimmy Page still completely nails every style, this is really what separates him from the rest. So few would be able to play such a variety of styles and achieve such a perfect result.

Yes, I am sure you could find someone who is more technically impressive on the guitar, or someone who is a better blues player or someone who can play better softly. But are any of these guitarists as versatile as Page? It is certainly hard to find anyone that compares.

It is also important to realize Page's incredible song writing capabilities. He is not just one of the greatest due to his earth shattering riffs and jaw dropping solos, but also is an all rounded musician capable of creating breathtaking songs. Before forming Led Zeppelin, Page was a studio guitarist who, was renowned as one of the best. He is more than just a guitarist, he is a creative, talented musician.

Robert Plant

Few singers were able to achieve what Robert Plant did. He is often rated on his impressive vocal range and power - but there is even more to it than that. Plant is truly a singer who is able to convey his emotions and feelings through the song in such a way that delivers shivers down your spine. After listening to songs like Babe I'm gonna leave you and Going To California it does not take long to find out why Plant is so highly praised. He has such a uniqueness in his voice that so few are able to match. His singing is almost impossible to imitate and even if you could get the right notes you could never match his soul and feel.

John Paul Jones

John Paul Jones is not only a superb bassist, but can also play about fifteen musical instruments including: organ, guitar, lap steel guitars, violin, ukulele, sitar, cello and continuum. It is almost impossible to deny the musical talent of such an artist. He was responsible for the classic baselines of Led Zeppelin including those of Ramble On and The Lemon Song in addition to the shifting time signatures of Black Dog. John shared a passion for funk and groove which further enhanced Led zeppelin's unique style. 

John Bonham

John Bonham is praised for his speed, power and feel. He is considered one of the greatest of his kind and Rolling Stone magazine named him the best drummer of all time in 2011. Bonham's mammoth sounds can be seen in songs such as When The levee Breaks, and the impressive and technical three minute solo in Moby Dick proves Bonham's excellent talent as a drummer and musician. Despite his tragic death 30 years ago, Bonham is still remembered with huge respect and as the man who dignified rock drumming.

In conclusion, there were many great bands during rock's golden age: The Stones, Pink Floyd, The Who, AC/DC, Queen, Hendrix and many more, but none of them quite compare to Led Zeppelin. No other band is able to match Led Zeppelin's incredible chemistry, talent or timing. Jimmy Page was the guitarist. Robert Plant was the singer. John Paul Jones was the bassist. John Bonham was the drummer. Led Zeppelin were the band.