There are different ways through which you can increase traffic. Often such ways can be time-consuming but submitting your websites to known directories can help your website to get noticed.  Directory submission is one of the tried and tested means to get found on website.

The process involves submitting your website in one of the categories of a directory so that users can find it.  In fact this has proved to be a quality way to get one-way links. Even if you are new to SEO you must know the value of directory submission. Submitting to online directories is one way to get quality links which means you get professional, SEO friendly submissions and manual submissions.

One of the most common ways is through web directory or through Google Ads. Advertising any website is of great help but this does not last for long. Once you stop advertising your visitors might decrease rapidly. It does not matter in what kind of business you are into but not maintaining it would automatically lead to less traffic. The only way to generate traffic for your website is through white-hat SEO. It means the legal way to generate traffic for your website.

To start with, you can go for web directories that has several categories to list websites.  It believes in the philosophy that humans give everything that is good about online world including the scripts and algorithm that are useful. Normally there are three types of submission which are basic, normal and multiple.

Types of Directory Submissions

In basic type of directory submission, you can give one single URL, single description with multiple titles. These can submitted in number in number of directories and is most ideal if you are targeting only specific keywords. Normal directory submission allows multiple descriptions with single URL and number of titles. This is best for spreading the back links to different pages of the same website. Then is the multiple directory submission that allows 10 internal URLs with multiple description and number of titles. It is best suited for spreading the back links and internet is place with millions launching their website every day.

Directory submissions can be free or paid. If it is paid then it basically depends on the type of directory. The pricing also depends on title, URL and description. Some directories also offer add-on services like professional description services and directory submission tracking. With the help of tracking service, you can find the absolute URL in the particular class that you want. No directories are a powerful way to build quality back links. To keep up this quality most of the directories restrict duplicate entries. Whenever you want to enlist a website, you need URL, short title and description. Title is useful because the linking text decides the value the link in the entire search engine process.

The Power of Titles in Directory

Just remember that the power of the title lies in the listing. For example if you have a website on health that speaks about the ‘benefits of vitamins’ then making this as title will help to generate more traffic. The readers and search engine bots will automatically treat the website content that speaks about the benefits of vitamins. The power of the title will force the webmaster to choose rich keywords so enable more traffic. In this way you will get more number of hits for your website.

On the other hand if the directory has duplicate entries or title then it might confuse humans too. The search engine bots will face a tricky situation if majority of the links from the page has similar anchor text. This can lead to manipulation and generate suspicion in the eyes of search engine thus cut value of the website. Obviously turning down your potential visitors might not be a good option. It is important that to keep up the quality of links there are directories that will not allow titles in their listing. In a way getting unique titles in each group is important.