Stores like Jackson & Perkins and 1-800-FLOWERS.COM know that flowers make beautiful gifts, no matter what shape they arrive in. Though the most common way to give gifts is cut at the stem and in a vase of water, this is not the only method you can pick. You can also opt to send live flowers, which are pots of flowers where the roots are still intact. This growing movement is optimal for gift giving for many reasons. Here are just a few of them.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Unlike sending chocolates or a gift card, giving the gift of flowers that are uncut means your gift will continue to grow and blossom for several weeks, perhaps even several months or years. When you send cut flowers, they will eventually die as there are no roots or other means for nutrients to keep the plant alive. But, when you choose to send flowers that are potted and have not had their roots cut, those flowers can continue to live as long as proper care is given. Those growing plants can later become cut flowers that are given to other people, thus sharing your love with others.

Memories That Never Die

As mentioned above, a planted flower can survive for a long time as long as proper care is given. This means that the occasion for which you decided to send flowers will live on. Imagine giving a fern bush as a weeding present instead of a vase of flowers. That plant could see the life of the marriage and become a true symbol of the couple you're celebrating.

Better Value

Considering that potted plants can eventually become cut flowers for others, and that they will continue to live for much longer than cut flowers, it is evident that these flower gifts are a better value. But, to make things an even greater deal, consider that a potted plant is often less expensive that cut flowers to boot. This is because there is less work for the florist in preparation, and that means that they are able to extend a lower price to you.

Unique Gift

Finally, giving potted flowers as opposed to cut flowers gives you the chance to stand out from the crowd. Cut arrangements are the clear winner of the popularity race in floral gift giving. That means that your potted plant or flower will be a different distraction in a sea of similar flower types and arrangements. Your floral gift will stand out as different, likely more fragrant, and quite possibly much larger than the cut floral arrangements it will be surrounded by. Combine that with a potted plants longevity and incredible value, and it becomes clear why a potted floral gift is the clear choice in gift giving.