If you want to learn about your skin, and the type of makeup you should wear, then look no further than getting a makeover. You can learn a lot about your skin and the type of makeup you should wear when you get a makeover. Here are a few reasons why a makover can have long lasting benefits for you:

Professional makeup artist - When you go to a department store or other professional makeup retailer and get a makeover, it's going to be done by a professional makeup artist. This artist has been trained to know the difference in skin types, colors you should wear if you have high cheek bones, what lip stick colors you should avoid if have large or small lips etc. This is very valuable to you, and most people learn they have been wearing the wrong color of foundation or lipstick, and the artist will explain why.

Cost - Depending on where you get your makever, you'll find that you can get it done at no charge, either as a promotion or if you buy a specific mkeup product. 

Valuable Knowledge - One big tip is to have a makeover done by several differnet make artist from different places. This is a big peice of advice becuase you'll get some information that will be the same from the artists; but you'll also learn some different info from each artist becuase they will each have their own style.

Once you've had a makeover, he next trick is to know what type of makeup you should be buying. A lot of that will depend upon your budget. Here's a tip to help you save, but still look like a milliion dollars..... Purchase your "everyday" makeup from your local over the counter retailer, then purchase your more expensive makeup from the department store for special occasions such as fancy parties or weddings. 

You can get some really good makeup from over the counter stores such as Almay Mascara. Almay and other cosmetic compaines such as Covergirl and Maybeline and created some wonderful products at a fraction of the price from the department store.

All in all, makeovers are fun and relaxed. Schedule yours today, you'll be glad you did!